What is Halloween? A historical Festival

History of Halloween:


Halloween was first celebrated 2000 years ago. Historically it is celebrated to ward off the ghosts. Halloween is a joyous event celebrated by families. Halloween is famous for its horror and creepy decor. Halloween costumes are the main focus during the event. People start thinking and planning about their costumes beforehand. Some people also make their halloween costumes at home by showing their creativity. Most people wear dresses inspired by different movie roles played by their favourite artists and their favourite animated characters. 

History of the Halloween festival is always debatable. It is considered that this event originated from samhain which is  pagan festival. Halloween festival is celebrated on 31 of october . It is known that the samhain festival was celebrated for three days but  with time the duration shortened. Although halloween festivities have been modernised and evolved during the time it is not celebrated as  much as it used to before. We live in a world which is continuously evolving so our ways of celebrating events also change with the time. The main goal is to carry the charm of the event for years and years. It is also famous as a candy festival amongst the children. On halloween children ask for candies. 


Which countries celebrate it:

Halloween is one of the most celebrated events in the world. Many countries celebrate it wholeheartedly. Many countries don't celebrate halloween but many countries celebrate it. America  is considered as the main country who celebrates halloween. American people wait for the holiday season throughout the year to celebrate halloween. Halloween is quite famous among children. Children enjoy their holidays to the fullest by celebrating festivals like halloween. This festival has no religious basis so a lot of other countries can celebrate it including Spain,France,Canada,Australia,China,Germany and in short the whole europe. Different states of America celebrate it differently. In Pakistan also Halloween parties happen where people wear different costumes but this only happens in big cities of Pakistan. Some schools also encourage students and children to celebrate halloween by conducting fancy Dress shows in schools. These kinds of events bring entertainment among people and children. In this way students also learn a lot about other cultures and countries which is very important. Knowing different cultures, countries and languages in this era is very important. 


How to celebrate Halloween?:

Halloween parties happen in America and other parts of the world especially at night where people are welcomed to wear creepy,horror dresses. Some people dress themselves as their favourite characters. The most famous dresses or characters during halloween are skeleton,ghost,pumpkin,harry potter,or bloody outfits,zombie outfits,vampire outfits,werewolf outfits etc. Many naughty kids gather and hide  somewhere wearing their Halloween outfits just to scare people. Scaring during halloween season is very popular amongst children. Children can be so creepy during halloween season. Many families visit pumpkin patch to collect their pumpkins. Pumpkins are the star symbol of halloween. All family members celebrate by painting their pumpkins and then decorating their houses with it. This activity also encourages painting habits in children. People celebrate their houses with all the creepy stuff including bats, spider nets and by using darker colours. House decoration is considered very important on halloween festival. People also make a lot of tummy treats during the festival. Not any event is completed without food. Food is the  first and main factor during holidays or any other festivities and events. As per demand during halloween season pumpkin flavoured food is very famous. Many restaurants and food places introduce their halloween menu. This limited offer food is enjoyed by many people. People wait the whole year to enjoy these scrumptious delights. Pumpkin flavour is favourite amongst most people. Restaurants introduce pumpkin flavoured coffees,drinks,bread,muffins,cakes,brownies and alot more even pumpkin flavoured pizzas also make their place in the halloween menu. On Halloween alot of celebrities also post their Halloween outfits on social media. Many people made their dresses inspired by what their fav celebrities are wearing. 


Things to do on Halloween:

Following are the things one should never avoid On halloween:

  • Decorating homes with spider nets and bats

  • Buying halloween outfits

  • Buying your own pumpkins 

  • Visiting pumpkin patch

  • Playing and scaring others

  • Spending time with families

  • Making delish food treats

  • Eating pumpkin flavoured dishes 

  • Going or arranging  a halloween party for your friends and family.

  • Bonfires on halloween night

  • Sharing scary stories with friends and families

  • Children asking for candies


Halloween in this modern age is a very interesting festival. People should enjoy life by celebrating events like this one. This article will surely ignite in you the spirit to celebrate halloween. Thanks for reading my article . If you find anything missing in it do share your views in the comments.


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