Greatest VR Headset in the world

With just the power of technology, virtual reality travel is an exciting way to experience new places. VR allows you to play games as if you're in the environment, or explore a virtual space as if you're actually there with the use of a headset and motion-tracking technology.

These are the best AR/VR headsets available right now unless you're willing to wait until next year for Apple's Vision Pro model. Continue reading for our recommendations and all the information you need to make an informed VR purchase.


  • sharp, high-definition screens
  • enhanced modern CPU
  • Improved color cameras and mixed reality
  • Independent, no other components are required


  • Costlier compared to Quest 2
  • Few original apps and games at launch; occasionally difficult to take off the straps; still only two to three hours of battery life

I shoot small the greatest VR headset in the world aliens who emerge from my sofa as I move around my living room. From behind it, sort of. Moreover, via the walls. I fire rounds that pierce sections of my house and reveal an otherworldly scene. There's a small spacecraft on my carpet. My spouse is reading in the interim, oblivious to the fact that she is facing an alien attack.

Meta Quest 3 headset

creates mixed reality by combining real-world camera footage and virtual reality. Many headsets, including Apple's Vision Pro, will soon be able to perform this feat. However, Apple's headgear will set you back 3,499 dollars. This is $500.00.

I can't resist grinning. This is the kind of experience Magic Leap could only have imagined in 2018 when it released its own augmented reality spectacles. It's not a development kit, though. This is now a fixture in the homes of families. Everywhere I go, I see children causing havoc in living rooms.

However, the Quest 3 remains, like the Quest 3, a virtual reality headset. Yes, it's better, but can you afford to upgrade to it? After using several VR headsets over the years, I can say with certainty that the Quest 3 is the best VR system available for this amount of money? However, the formula may differ for you.

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Greatest VR Headset in the world

Virtual Reality Headsets

Iterative updates are challenging. Will you continue using what you currently have, or will you buy this one out of fear? Virtual reality headsets used to feel foreign and unfamiliar, but many families I know now own Quest 2 units. Facebook's Meta team managed to transform virtual reality into a game system akin to the Nintendo Switch. The goal was achieved. Since 2020, the Quest 2 has been our top pick for the least expensive VR headgear Better visuals, a larger, higher-resolution display, and crisper lenses.

smaller controllers with better-vibrating haptics, and yes, mixed reality—all of these are improvements over the Quest 2. Except for a few apps and games, its software isn't all that different as of now My instinct tells me that by mid-year, Quest 3 might be much more fascinating but for now, you'll be good with Quest 2. How much fun depends on how many games and apps Meta can develop and how far VR can go.

Dual Reality: A Deluge Of Cameras

Greatest VR Headset in the world

With its low-quality black-and-white cameras, Quest 2 can already perform some mixed reality tasks. such as projecting a virtual reality desk onto your actual desk or creating a play border around your home. Along with having a depth sensor similar to the lidar sensor found in the iPhone and iPad.

The Quest 3 boasts far superior color cameras. It can map the measurements of a whole place (or several rooms) to be used as play areas by scanning the room and detecting the walls, ceilings, and furniture. Next, it can overlay VR images on top of what the cameras view.

Quest 2

The outcomes differ. The Quest 2 and even Meta's more expensive Quest Pro (a headset that no longer matters other than eye tracking) have inferior color cameras than this one. However, they fall short of what I witnessed during my earlier this year trial of the Apple Vision Pro headset. With a little squinting, they can see enough to see text on your watch or phone and see what's around you.

Being the first virtual reality headset with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 CPU, the Quest 3 improves graphics, provides better-mixed reality camera capabilities, and generally speeds up performance. Though it's difficult to predict how good this hardware will be at this time, it seems promising.

Greatest VR Headset in the world

Virtual Items

Layering in visuals creates a believable mixed-reality illusion, albeit it's far from flawless. Virtual items can run "behind" recognized objects, including meshed furniture, albeit occasionally they will overlap oddly. To achieve a very realistic mixed-reality illusion, you also need a lot of room (as well as clean walls). All I could manage was zombies sort of walking over TVs, bookcases, and couches.

Nevertheless, disorganized spaces can be tolerated in mixed reality. As I did in my living room, you can scan any size space as a play area and just put up mixed reality to navigate around the untidy parts. Accidents didn't bother me because the headgear improved my view of everything.

But what does it get utilized for? Yes, that raises a question. There are a few entertaining but gimmicky games available right now that include mixed-reality settings that make objects appear to be in your room with you. Some creative apps that allow you to float creative work or design in your area are still optimized for the Quest Pro, which is less capable of mixed reality.

For instance, Painting VR allows you to paint in the air using an app called Figmin XR, or you may use a virtual easel. With the DJ app Tribe, you can still view your environment. You can learn to play the piano by tapping on a table with the nifty PianoVision. Certain programs just allow for hand tracking, which is still useful but occasionally unreliable, or

Apple is going all out for an all-mixed-reality Vision Pro platform with a single, standardized interface based on hand and eye tracking. Meta is a hybrid of a hand-based interface system and virtual reality using controllers. Eye tracking is absent from the Quest 3.

Display: Crisp And Clear

Greatest VR Headset in the world

Though they might not astound you, The Quest 3's graphics are unquestionably an improvement. The enhanced resolution per eye, 2,064 x 2,208 pixels, surpasses that of the Quest 2, PlayStation VR 2, and Quest Pro. Despite being LCD screens, the text and details can be read due to their vividness and sharpness. Although it doesn't have the stunning "retina" quality of Apple's Micro-OLED Vision Pro, it nevertheless performs better than the majority of other commercial VR headsets.

Meta Are Noticeable

The new, smaller pancake lenses from Meta are noticeable. Because of their extreme clarity and wider field of view, they don't feel as much like portholes. That works well for mixed reality. It's also far better for using the headset to work with floating virtual monitors from your computer—something the Quest has been able to accomplish for years. It is possible to increase the base refresh rate from 90Hz to 120Hz, which is about standard for VR gear currently on the market.

As of now, I think the screens are more useful for reading text and playing games than they are for watching films. Videos simply seem better, and for watching shows and immersive VR movies, I'd pick the Quest 3 above virtually any other midrange VR headset. Immersive 3D motion pictures, such as Space Explorers by Felix and Paul: I believe that reading texts and playing games are currently more beneficial uses for the screens than viewing films. Videos just look better, and the Quest 3 is far superior to almost any other midrange VR headset for watching shows and immersive VR movies. Immersive 3D movies, like Felix and Paul's Space Explorers.

The audio still sounds good and is output through speaker holes in the head strap (a headphone jack is also included). However, when I was playing VR games in the same room as my family, they could hear me.

Fit And Style: Still Compatible With Spectacles

Greatest VR Headset in the world

Though not by as much as you may imagine, the Quest 3 headset is smaller than the Quest 2. When compared, they appear fairly alike. They have a comparable weight to them. Additionally, they both have elastic head straps.

That being said, there are benefits to the Quest 3. Unlike the Quest 2, eye distance may now be changed with a wheel for a more customizable fit. You can also change the depth of the glasses by pulling in and out the black plastic face mask that comes with it. It's still a little tight, but I love that (my chunky glasses fit perfectly, however, wide-framed glasses would be an issue). Furthermore, removing the plastic sides was strange and occasionally very difficult. For the Quest 3, Zenni also offers optional prescription lens inserts, which I plan to try soon.

It's okay, the head strap is elasticized. I tried the Elite strap from Meta ($70), and it fits me better. However, it still seems strange to take off and put on head straps as it did with the Quest 2. I was apprehensive that I could break something when I snapped off the plastic straps from the arms and unsnapped the black face piece. Similar to how smartwatch straps are attached, I wish it were more elegant and seamless.

Controllers: An Improved Version Of Quest 2's Concept

Greatest VR Headset in the world

With Quest 3, there are new controllers. The Touch Plus controllers are much more portable than the Quest 2 controllers because they do not have plastic rings on them. They may also be less prone to shatter if you accidentally knock against furniture. Other than that, the thumb-rest area, button arrangement, and grip size are all the same. Even though my 15-year-old child's "Beat Sabre grip" caused him to miss the rings, he still enjoyed the fresh sensation.

The Quest 2 batteries last forever, but the controllers still require AA batteries; it's unclear how long they can run on a single charge. Alternatively, there are unique rechargeable batteries that don't require a charging dock and are available for $130 individually. There are contact pins within the battery compartment, which opens the door for accessories made by other companies to do the same.

The enhanced haptics are the main improvement. The vibrating controller feedback on the Quest 2 is not very good. The Quest 3s feel more understated and are better suited to produce subtler rumbles and taps. While it's not quite as capable as the PlayStation VR 2 controllers, it's still encouraging.

PC Is Not Required, But A Phone Is Required

Greatest VR Headset in the world

Like previous Quest headsets, the Quest 3 is also compatible with PCs. This adds tremendous value, but it's obvious that Meta is shifting its focus away from PCs and towards its standalone applications. The advantages of mixed reality and other graphics call for apps from Meta's app store.

In the future, I'll discuss how it functions with PCs in more detail, but for now, I've restricted my review to standalone use. To use the Quest 3, you do not require a PC or game console at all, but you must first pair the headset with a phone app. In addition to adjusting settings, the app allows parents or friends to view what the person wearing the headset is viewing when they play local games.

As an aside, I recorded mixed-reality game footage for my review video using the phone app. It's a wonderful way to spend time with friends.

Upgrades And Accessories: You Need A Case, But More Storage, A Charging Station, And Straps Are Also Necessary.

Greatest VR Headset in the world

Controllers and a USB-C charging cord are included in the package of the Quest 3, which retails for $500. You can then go ahead and spend money on enhancements. The 128GB of non-upgradable storage that comes with the base Quest 3 is sufficient for most users (VR apps now range in download size from several hundred megabytes to as much as 15GB).

Better-looking Quest applications may eventually result in larger download sizes: For those who are serious about VR and intend to purchase numerous apps, the 512GB storage option may be the best value at $650. Like me, you can always remove and reinstall programs as needed.

I also tested a couple of pricey extras. The $70 Elite strap from Meta snaps on and has an adjustable plastic headband, just like the Quest 2 had. It's good, however, I'm hoping this one holds up better because the Quest 2s I tested broke.

The Quest 3's bottom magnetic pins are utilized by a $130 Meta-made charging dock, which also features contactless batteries for the controllers. I prefer this port over the built-in charge dock of the Quest Pro since it's simple to set up and charge.

To shield the lenses of your VR equipment from dust and sunlight, all you need is a decent case. Although Meta's large $70 case choice is expensive, it has a lot of internal room and fits the controllers snugly—it even has a place for the charging wire.

Software: Recognized Quest Programs With A Few Enhancements

Greatest VR Headset in the world

How many apps will support the Quest 3's unique features is my main worry. Most people who own the Quest 2 don't have to upgrade right away. Running the same OS, the Quest 3 is compatible with all Quest 2 software. However, I haven't played a lot of Quest 3-optimized games up to this point.

While Samba de Amigo, a Sega rhythm music game I adored in my youth, is unimpressive on Quest 3, it does incorporate mixed reality to make some bonus stages feel more like the actual world (a massive monkey tore the roof off my office, and the floor is covered in lava). Red Matter 2's graphics are enhanced even more, making it appear as stunning as a PlayStation VR 2 title.

However, anticipated blockbusters like Stranger Things VR, Assassin's Creed Nexus, and Asgard's Wrath 2 (which is given away for free when you buy Quest 3) are still unavailable. Notably, Quest 3 updates are strangely absent from killer games like Beat Sabre at the moment.

Furthermore, Meta isn't any closer to resolving its issues with productivity and VR apps. For 2D gaming, Office 365 is compatible with Quest and Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, Meta's Horizon Worlds, which aims to be a universal social platform, is disorganized and isn't highlighted among the Quest's pre-installed applications.

Although The Upcoming Year Is Uncertain, Quest 3 Is Probably The Least Expensive Way To Go Into The Future.

Greatest VR Headset in the world 1

The Quest 3 feels a lot like a soft launch, more like an upgrade for a phone or tablet than a "whole new game console." Updates for Quest 3 will undoubtedly reach more apps, and the game may even develop entirely new features like the onboard AI that Meta claims will launch next year and possibly improved hand tracking. With experimental software features, Meta has significantly improved the Quest and Quest 2 over time, and I anticipate the Quest 3 will follow suit.

Greatest VR Headset in the world 1

There could be a lot of significant changes to the landscape in the upcoming year. While most people will be unable to afford it, Apple's Vision Pro promises to revolutionize mixed-reality computing. Expected mixed-reality devices from Google and Samsung may also push the envelope and include Google Play software support.

Greatest VR Headset in the world 1

Will Meta find itself at the center of upcoming changes? Or is it providing a perfectly good gaming console for your face along with a tonne of practical extras like applications for work and fitness? For a considerable amount of time, the Quest 3 is probably the most reasonably priced mixed-reality gadget. and for those who are intrigued, that may make it a fantastic choice. The Quest 3 is my new favorite next-generation gaming system for families, but it hasn't shown its worth with enough amazing new games yet. Still, its improved display and visuals have already won me over.

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