Finally Vladimir Putin is agreed to make resolution and end to war!

The thing which was disturbing the whole world now finally going to be settled. After huge cruelty in Ukraine, the president of Russia announced to make to resolution with Ukraine.


But how it happened is something interesting. According to some news sources, Chinese president Shi Jing Ping called Putin and discussed the issue of Ukraine with him.


According to the Chinese news, the President of China advised Mr. Putin to make resolution with Ukraine and end the war. After that call, Vladimir came to a press conference and offered a resolution.

Xi tells Putin that China supports efforts to resolve Ukraine crisis via  dialogue - Chinese state media | Reuters

However, Vladimir Putin has set some conditions for the resolution. He said that the army should take charge of Ukraine and Ukraine would never join NATO.


With these conditions, Russia is agreed to end the war and make a resolution with Ukraine. While on the other hand, the Ukrainian government didn’t respond. Also, people are protesting in Russia against their own president.


This cruelty lead many people to trouble and they were living in subways. Their homes are destroyed and also many soldiers got wounds and injuries.


let’s see if this war goes to end or not!

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