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I'm going to show you two techniques that you can apply right now, starting right now, to make your material appear well-researched even if it isn't.





Code profession! let's just agree to it not everything we write on is something we've qualified to talk about and the new trend in publishing and even in SEO is for experts to talk about their topic. It's no longer about anyone who writes, where they can write about anything, it's more of about how experts in a particular industry it and polish their writing skills and write on a particular topic and this has started specifically from medical content and Finance.


Anything that the reader cares about, whether it's money or life, should be published by specialists in the industry. Now, why is this essential, and how can we affect how well Google scans websites and recognises articles? I'm wild space and assessing whether the writer is actually qualified to be talking on the subject and ranking articles based on that, that is the future it has started, it hasn't been fully implemented yet but it has started, so in the future, at least Google's plan is theirs, whenever someone who isn't a doctor is writing medical content on the internet, it doesn't matter if he is or isn't, his article will rank better, if he isn't. So, where does that leave you? Well, you might employ doctors in your post and get a similar effect, if not the same effect, as a doctor writing about it himself. 

You simply describe the things that they aren't doctor tells you are delivering any advise, any information yourself, you're using someone else's code, and this is especially more crucial when you're mentioning statistics and figures. There are many resources available to you, one of which is Harry H aro, which stands for assistance reporter out. You can form an account on their website and then post a request for professionals.  To send you an answer to a certain query or to speak about a specific issue, and then you can pick and choose which one of them you want to use. Make sure, though, that you are correctly linking out to the people you are quoting.

If you can't use help because not everyone will be able to use it, you'll need a certain amount of search volume on your website or the website where you're writing to qualify for an account on that website, but if that's not possible for you, There are a variety of additional options available to you. You can go to Google and search on your topic to check if there are any other articles related to it. You will almost surely find such articles. If you come across articles on the internet that employ a professional score, you can use that code as well, but don't copy-paste it because it is considered plagiarism. You must use that code, which is not just unethical but also unlawful. properly break that code into your article, incorporate it over there, put it in speech bubbles properly mentioning exactly who said that code for example doctor whatever his name is with his degree and then link to the source value found this way you found this code make sure you're doing this because it's not only unethical but it's also illegal if you're not.



Last but not least, option number two employs a website where, you guessed it, statistics are released, and there are two statistics on significant topics. Again, just like with Google Scholar, make sure you're trying to search a broader term so that you get more searches and results on what you're trying to research about; don't go too specific because chances are that the very specific topic you're trying to search doesn't have a lot of stats available for that thing, and it might even be that no stand is available for that thing. So you can utilise that website; they have a free platform and a paid platform; the free one works really well, but if you want to upgrade, that's fine; just make sure you're properly linking out to services and utilising all ethical techniques to use these stats.



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