Faithful Emotions/Think of a new way of being in this world; a method that allows you to express and understand your feelings.

Faithful Emotions:

The original article contains a picture of a depressed comedian. This can be found on my article through my website.

A sad comedian attracts us and evokes feelings of sadness and empathy. Have you ever noticed that sadness and empathy may seem to you? We often live with our depressed emotions through some external environment, especially entertainment.

Once we are in a safe place, it is OK to remove it. Other than that, you have buried a lot of emotions, you are not sure what is left unspecified.

It can irritate you at any time, disturb your balance, place water bases on the bottom of a hat, and provoke irritation with a small spark.

Think of a new way of being in this world; a method that allows you to express and understand your feelings, emotions.


that there are others who are trapped in difficult times, unable to control their emotions. What a healing that is possible! What power! What friendship and trustworthiness will be developed! What team support will be enhanced! What courage!

If we are human, what does it mean to be human?

If we are spirit, what does it mean to be spirit?

If we are emotional, what does it mean to be emotional?

If we are a concept, what does it mean to be a thought?

If we are a soul, what does it mean to have a soul?

I believe we are spiritual people with physical, human experience. In that context, we encounter many things at various levels.

Could this be what it means to be a multi-faceted being? I have no interest in operational evidence and explicit specifications; I am interested in the health experience.

The complexity of existence and human organization completely requires a part of faith and trust in an internal context that cannot be explained by science.

The theories of emotion can be divided into two major viewpoints: cognitive theory and non-cognitive theory.


the question is not so much about the difference between these two theories, but instead, what is the nature of emotion itself—and therefore, what does the New Testament have to say about what emotion is? Emotion in the New Testament: A Summary Statement is the final analysis, and a brief summary of thought is presented. This stresses the main ideas and motive behind this work.

The appeal is one that centers on the need to recognize the reality of emotion that is communicated through Scripture and the expression of that emotion that is according to the disclosure and subsequent wonder of the truth within Scripture.


Emotion in the New Testament: 

This, he suggests, is a flawed non-cognitive approach that is theologically biased. The constant appeal is one toward a cognitive approach to the emotion of words, in which the emphasis lies on the link between cognition and emotion.

At the same time, this does not discount the reality of the importance of emotion as a true indicator of the state of the heart.



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