Facebook Page or website, which one is best?

When we decided to enter the online market, many people suggest about social media approach. Some also suggest having a website and then putting some factors to make it fully effective. But how about you? Which one is best for you?

This is what today we are looking for.


If we look for low-cost operations then using social media pages are the best option. You just need to open a social account, create a Facebook page in seconds, and then everything is on click.

Social media is getting more reputable sources of earning high leads. Every day, billions of users are creating their accounts and using social media for their purposes. To interact more effectively, social media pages are the best way. Also, there is no need to spend extras, you can earn high revenue with small investments as compared to the website.

But along with all these features of social media networks, there are many things that demand the existence of a website along with a Facebook page.


1)      Downtime of social media

One of the massive risks to avoid is the downtime of social media. No one knows when their server would create a problem and goes down. Recently all the social sites owned by Meta were down for 24h. This creates a huge loss to many businesses including Facebook as well. Similarly, you don’t own your data, it could be deleted reported, or terminated at any time. Also, you need to face a lot of complexity to reenable your page.


2)      Missing users

The second biggest issue that is raising these days is active accounts of dead users. In the current pandemic situation, billions of people died worldwide. Many of them may have created their Facebook accounts with their interest in the same products you are selling on your Facebook page.


Also, not all the audience you need is using social media. Many countries have a high number of female users and some have male users. Also, not all ages use the same social media in which you are hitting your audience. Thus, creating Facebook page campaigns won’t bring 100% fruit.


What’s the issue, free Facebook and expensive website?

Your biggest problem might be an expensive website that costs you a lot. But most of us don’t know that there is a free website creating options as well? What you need to do is buy a cheap domain name and then get a free website creator in which, you can create your compelling website. So creating a website would set an impression of professionalism while a Facebook page is not enough for everything.

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