Exhausted! 5 ways to get your start-up back on track

Facing failure is not a surprising thing. We all once or many times in life face this thing.

It brings us to the level where we can’t decide about leaving it up or trying again. Especially when it comes to startups and entrepreneurship, you have to be ready for many things.

We all pass the stage where we got to know that now efforts are going fruitless. we think that nothing is coming the way we expected and not getting clients.


At that level, we feel exhausted but kept on hiding and grinding. It takes us to the higher consumption of caffeine and sometimes makes us drug addicts.

Waking up all night and paying countless efforts, is the solution! No, dear, that’s not.

At that level, an exhausted person could only keep on hitting but not have a proper idea. Even if one says he has!

So, today we are going to discuss the 5 ways that lead to getting your startup back on track. let’s get started with it;


  • Make a new practice, not egoistic motivation

Sometimes, being an entrepreneur we start making lame motivations. We name it motivation because we want to show others that we are hitting harder and gold is about to appear.


But that’s not the fact. No matter if you are a startup manager or CEO, still you need to learn many things which you may have not learned earlier.


This could also be a matter of thinking consciously and employing a new practice that you didn’t test earlier. So think calmly and avoid egoistic motivation.


  • Get aid from a mentor

It doesn’t matter who you are and how many years of knowledge you have about entrepreneurship. There is always some space for flaws and mistakes which we do.


This is why mentorship in business is necessary. So in that situation, call a mentor and let him know how you are facing and what is you are endeavoring with.


There is a broader spectrum of knowing that only a perfect mentor can tell. He/she will assist you in that situation and also prescribe some important steps to follow. It is also suggested to follow every single step and said of mentor to take it back.


  • Revise your startup or business model

The third and most important among all is your business model. Most of the time, we get of the model while striving for customers and leads.


Also sometimes we miss many things adding to our business model. So when you are in the market, you got to know many things about your system.


Revise your business model and make a checklist if everything is being followed. If you are not satisfied of your business model, do discuss it with a mentor and let him check if you falling on your model.


  • Call back your motive

So are you today at the same place when you started? Surely not. You have learned many things, you have earned something and practiced a lot.


Don’t let yourself tired and off the track. Whenever you think that you are off the track and falling, look back and call your motive.


Think once why you started? What was your motive? Read out the announcement or message you sent to your friends or family that you are starting something big. All these things would help you know that you are not a failure but a struggler on the way to getting it all.


  • Have a healthy sleep and do meditation

Waking up all night and spending more hours working is not the solution. You are not a machine and there is no limitation of time.


A slower but effective process ends in long-term usage. This is why many motivational speakers suggest a healthy sleep.


Quality sleep will open your mind to new ideas. Practicing meditation is also advantageous for many people who have a working routine. So start it today and you are not far away to get everything on track.

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