The Power of Positivity and Dua

Topic on which today I am going to write is “everything is in your hands” but there is always a question rise that how is it possible, all the things that happen in our lives is in the hand of ALLAH, Yes you are right everything that happens to us is in the hands of ALLAH it is 100% true but our ALLAH gives us a chance in our whole life that we can make our life by POSITIVITY AND DUA. So many of you may be wondering how this is possible with positive thinking.  Lemme tell you, whenever you are in a bad situation always try to find a good thing because when we are in a bad situation its for sure that our mind always tries to think about the negative one so be positive man. Second one, believe in yourself whatever the circumstances are. Believing in yourself when you are near to loose I’m 110% sure you’ll win. Hard work and believe in yourself can make you a great person in your professional as well as practical life.


Faith in ALLAH:

Now come to the point of DUA, many of us make dua from ALLAH ALMIGHTY but somewhere in the corner of our heart there is a point that ‘’ if I don’t get it what will happen’’ believe we make here mistake these words show that we have not a pure faith in ALLAH as well as in our dua please people don’t do this. I have gone through all this personally but now I came to know when you leave everything to ALLAH believe that what HE is doing is the best.



ALLAH is always with you. He will never leave you alone in any situation. If you have a great faith in ALLAH, you will never loose, if ALLAH wants you to win then you’ll surely win. No matter what situation is. Nothing is impossible for HIM. DUA can change you fate, can change your life...a pure and a heartiest DUA will change your life and turn your sadness into happiness. 

Our life is in our hands, we can change our plans, our minds to a positive things. In this world no one cares about anyone. Everyone cares about itself. Only your thinking, your bravery, your positive response can change your personality. ALLAH always show us a right path but we don’t go to that path because we are too busy in this meaningless life. Problems not remain same in our lives, they will end one day, you have to do some patience and keep praying from ALLAH. 

When you are loosing something, just believe that if you worked hard so that you’ll get victory, no one can stop you from winning, only thing that can stop you from winning is only you. When you stop believing in yourself, there is no chance of your victory.  Start believing in yourself from short things, just like from your small life experiences...these can give you so much confidence for your victory.

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SO, only this faith in your ALLAH and your DUA and as well your positive energy can lead you that you can make your own lives. ALLAH has a great power to give us everything that we want and HE gave...but sometimes HE wants that we do hard work to get that thing. Because if we get all the things without any hard work and any curiosity....I don’t think that thing have something special...right, anyway everyone has a different perception...but never loose yourself and your life. Sometimes this happen, we think that we are praying from ALLAH from many time before but HE is not listening you. NO man you are wrong HE is the only one who is listening you, who is just waiting for the right time, who know in which time that thing is given to you.  Level of happiness comes when you have strived for your desire from a very long time, you are just waiting for ALLAH's decision, when your right time will come.

ALLAH always give you that thing that is good for you, not such thing that is not good for you... ALLAH takes better to give you the best.


Be patient for everything, happiness will come to you. Your hands are filled with happiness. Your life has no worried, stop assuming things, stop saying...if it’ll not happen then..   IT WILL...I am sure it will. Life is beautiful...make it beautiful...make it meaningful, make it healthy, make it notorious, so that outcome that you’ll get from your life is fantastic. 

Stay positive, better ways are on their way.  Your positive thinking combined with your positive action results in success. A negative mind will never give you a positive life. Happiness is not by chance it’s by choice. Happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. The purpose of our lives is to be happy.


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