Erectile dysfunction and 5 natural ways to cure it

Every second, men in the world are getting lustier with every passing day. People are now getting addicted to porn movies and changing their attributes toward sex and sexual power.

They believe that one could only be a man if he can prove his sexual power in bed. But despite these myths of masculinity, did you think how many men are purely men if this is the criteria?

According to our survey, about 80% of men have erectile dysfunction. It's a sexual disease that is spreading like fire.

There are no germs of this issue but some common practices that are leading toward erectile dysfunction.

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What is erectile dysfunction?

So before heading toward its remedies, let me open up the very common question of what is erectile dysfunction?

People who are facing problems of erection or not maintaining an erection during their sexual intercourse are said to be patients of erectile dysfunction.

It’s not a horrible disease and could be cured. But with this issue, the true pleasure of life ends and causes breakups.

So, if you are one of them facing erectile dysfunction, no worries, here are some common practices that can help you in doing a quick remedy. Don't forget to use the medications as well as these are the bad habits only which should be avoided to get a healthier lifestyle.


1)      Reduce obesity

The first and foremost reason behind erectile dysfunction is obesity, as studies show that people who have belly fat can last more than a smart and fit man in bed. Basically, they don't have strong sexual power but issues with an erection.

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So those who consider being obese is helpful for them get alarmed as it may cause other complexities as well. For example, being obese may lack male sperm and failure to give birth to a new one. So be careful about lifestyle and eat what is helpful and don't cause obesity.


2)      Cardio

The second thing which can cure ED in fewer periods is cardio. People who are facing this issue may get muscles entangled and never make their bodies stretched.

Even many doctors nowadays prioritize morning walks and exercise over medicine. This is because exercise can protect you from a plethora of horrible diseases.

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When you would be doing cardio for 30 minutes in a gym, your whole body would get vast, and muscles get stronger for erection. Also, cardio can help improve your sexual endurance and give you more strength.

If you don't have time for cardio, you can adopt a morning walk and run a few miles. The more you make your body sweating, the more it gets better.


3)      Quality sleep

A major reason behind increasing ED could be the lack of testosterone in men's bodies. These testosterones are formed when we get quality sleep.

Sleep is connected with the performance of the whole body; thus, it plays a vital role among the causes of erectile dysfunction.

According to some studies, doctors say that people who follow a bad habit of sleeping late at night are an easier target for ED.

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Sleeplessness leads to many other issues, including ED. Therefore, it is advised to get a night of quality sleep and make yourself refreshed for the next day.


4)      Psychological issues

Human psychology plays a crucial role in ED and its relevant issues. Now here I want to ask a question, why do you go to buy endurance pills and size increasers? The only reason behind this is our poor psychology.

Many boys in their teen ages start using bad supplements for their endurance. All those pills are a booster toward erectile dysfunction issues.  Nowadays, most ED patients are suffering is due to misuse of medicines.

Many doctors suggest that people who have ED issues treat them with mental therapy as most of them starts lacking self-esteem and depression, which boost ED.

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Therefore, be brave and smart to accept yourself. As a result, you are stronger and bolder in your body. Thus, no need to focus on porn movies and mind-altering movies.


5)      Sex therapy and counselling

Last but not least is sex therapy and counselling. People who have lower self-esteem faces more complexities in bed.

Those who get worried about their performance and get confused about sex get more targeted to ED as mental abilities involve more in ED causes. So, it is suggested to have sex therapy along with couple counselling.

Couple counselling experts can advise and make your partner understand the circumstances wisely. Therefore, she would be cooperating with you in curing you.



Erectile dysfunction is a serious issue but not fatal. We are ignoring it in our lives just behind our pleasure. Therefore, if you are using any pills or gels, stop it. It could be more dangerous than your expectations. Believe in yourself and make yourself bolder to face your partner. If she is faithful to you, she would be fair to you.

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