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Home Remedies are a part of our daily life and they can be used for any purpose including pain, skin and body care, hair care, and much more but a lot of people find it a waste of time because they are eager to get results. Home remedies show results yet they come after a long time. The artificial creams that we use give us instant results or the medicines, shampoo or any artificial product give us quick results because they have chemicals added to them. Chemicals do give us quick results but in return, they harm us in many ways. Chemical products used on our skin have mercury added to them which makes our skin thin due to which our skin becomes sensitive. Other than that chemical products expire so easily hence they don't last long. Chemical included products are expensive as well. 

Home remedies are made up of natural and organic products which do not harm your skin but if we mix two things that are not supposed to be combined together then it may harm your skin. Hence whatever we are using we need to be careful about it. Home Remedies start giving results after one month or minimum 15 days. 

People who can not afford expensive products or school /college going girls use home remedies alot. Home Remedies help us save our discarded or wasted items. For example while eating fruits we throw away the fruit peels but using or rubbing fruit peels on skin can make your skin glow. Home remedies are not baseless but there is a proper work behind it. Mixing the ingredients effectively for a cause makes sure it does not create any harm to the skin. The ingredients used in home remedies are mostly natural and organic mainly found in our houses. Home remedies are also called quick fix solutions because you just need to go to the kitchen to find desired products. The Internet is the main source for you to find natural home solutions for your problem. Many homeopathic doctors also treat people using natural ingredients. Alot of instagram influencers,bloggers and youtubers also share effective home remedies. During ancient times home remedies were the only solution to treat wounds and mild fevers including cough,flu etc. Womens of that time also used home remedies for their beauty purpose hence all the ingredients present in our kitchens are packed with benefits. 


Most Ingredients used in home remedies :

Following are the ingredients present in our homes or kitchens that can be used for home remedies:


1- Turmeric:

Turmeric was used as a face pack back in the days mixed with gram flour for spotless even skin turmeric is also considered as healing agents for wounds and reduce pains.


2- Lemon:

Lemon is the most common thing found in our kitchens but very  few people know about the benefits that a lemon can give. Lemon can be used as a cleaning agent during dish washing or cleaning floors.


3- Aloe vera:

Another very useful ingredient is aloe vera. Aloe Vera plant is almost present in every other house. Aloe Vera is not only good for eating but also if you apply aloe vera on your hair and skin it makes your hair strong and your skin glowing and healthy.


4- Gram flour:

Gram flour is the best ingredient for skin. It makes your skin bright and glowing with no or reduced  pigmentation. 


5- White turmeric:

 White turmeric is not normally used for cooking purposes but it is used in many beauty remedies. It is also called kachoor in urdu. It has brightening properties hence is effective for pigmentation.


4- Rice flour:

  Rice flour is the best skin product for winters to remove dullness from your skin making it bright and luminous.


5- Raw milk:

 Raw milk is very good for perfect cleansing. Raw milk is also effective for sun-burn and sun tan removal.


6- Honey:

 Honey deeply moisturizes your skin specially it has great benefits for dry and flakey skin people. 


7- yogurt:

Yogurt rejuvenates your skin and makes it look healthy, moisturized and glowy. It is also great for hair . It is used in homemade protein masks for hair.


8- Almond/olive oil:

Olive oil is great for massaging and almond oil is the best organic eye cream. Both these products work best for your hair growth and luminosity.


9- Orange peel:

Oranges are the staple fruit during winters but we don't know the fact that orange peel is very beneficial for various purposes. Orange peel powder is also available in the market but why not make it at home? You can make it by drying orange peel in the sunlight and then grind it in the mixer and here we go your peel powder is ready.

Its uses include teeth whitening and skin polish etc.


10- Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is best for glowing skin and treating dry or dead hair. Coconut oil is also a natural makeup remover. Harsh chemicals containing makeup removers and vipes make your skin break out so just replace it with coconut oil and make your life easy but oily skin people should avoid it.


Hope these remedies will bring ease in your life and i hope you all will try and test these remedies by yourself. 

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