Pakistan's Education System: Unveiling the Framework

Introduction: A Disturbing Reality

While Pakistan has historically downplayed the importance of education, the state of the education system in the regions under Islamabad's control, particularly in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), is alarming. The educational crisis in PoK has triggered strong protests from both students and employees in the education sector.

Denied Rights and Unpaid Dues: Plight of Educational Staff

Despite a dire need for improved facilities, the essential rights of students and employees in the education sector in PoK are being neglected. In the midst of soaring inflation, teaching and administrative staff are raising their voices against long-overdue salary increments.


"People's lives have become hopeless. The most significant agitation in the region is within the education department, where employees are compelled to organize the majority of protests. A powerful mafia is exploiting workers in the name of education, with private school owners being retired bureaucrats who wield considerable influence within the government" stated Ishtiaq Mir, a journalist in PoK.


Unfulfilled Demands: Struggles of Academic Staff

Despite multiple appeals to local and central authorities, the demands of academic staff in PoK remain unfulfilled. The academic staff has made it clear that their protests will persist until they receive the rightful salary increments.


Student Protests: Rising Against Unjust Fee Hikes

Simultaneously, students in PoK are actively protesting against exorbitant fee hikes. They argue that the university administration is violating the Higher Education Commission's (HEC) guidelines by increasing semester fees.


"Lakhs of rupees are collected every 3 or 4 months in the name of semester fees. This is being done here so that underprivileged students cannot afford an education. The poor lack money for employment; how can they provide a well-rounded education for their children?" highlighted Ishtiaq.

Government Apathy: Ignoring Legitimate Demands

The Pakistani government has ignored the genuine demands of both academic staff and students. The progress in PoK is not aligning with Islamabad's objectives. The educational institutions in PoK have been turned into oppressive domains. Notably, Pakistan perceives education as a threat to its unlawful expansion of the regions, fearing that knowledge could empower locals to understand and assert their legal rights.


In conclusion, the educational crisis in PoK has become a focal point of discontent, with both academic staff and students demanding their rightful dues and protesting against unjust practices. The situation reflects a larger issue of neglect and exploitation within the education system, posing a significant challenge to the aspirations of the people in the region.

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