Best eating habits to follow and bad to avoid

   Eating Habits


Eating habits mean how, why or when we eat and what we eat.As we all know food plays a major role in our life and on our health as well depending on the quality of food we are eating in the basis of quality there are two types of food :


1-Healthy foods

2-Unhealthy foods


Reason of developing eating habit:



Another question arises here is why people eat what they eat. People concerned about their health and life watch very carefully what they are eating while on the other hand people neglecting their health eat whatever cones in their way and end up developing bad eating habits. All this depends on many factors. For example, a lot of people are emotional eaters but the fact about it is that they don't know about it .


Emotional Eating:


Emotional eating is a habit one is not aware of when a person runs to eat something while feeling low or extremely happy and then regretting it afterwards is actually called emotional eating. During the most vulnerable times people feel a void or emptiness Hence end up eating which leads to weight gain. Other factors include hormonal changes in both males and females. Companies also affect your eating habits a lot. If you are going out with friends a lot or you have friends in high school , college or university who eat a lot then you end up eating junk and unhealthy food.


Junk Food:


Junk food includes all the unhealthy foods. It also includes proteins as well fried or cooked in high saturated fats which are considered unhealthy. Many burger and fried chicken or fast food places are considered as junk food places. Junk food world includes all the sugar,candies,bakery items ,cakes,pizzas,fizzy drinks which has minimum or clearly no nutritional benefits on health. All fast foods are high in calories and low in nutritions while some fast foods are also healthy which are low in calories and high in nutrition for example salads.


Metabolism and calories:


We may know the importance of healthy food. Whatever you are eating, nutrition is the first thing you should consider while buying anything. Metabolism is also a very major factor when it comes to healthy eating.Metabolism is the ability or system in our body to burn fats or calories . Depending on human activity and physical work metabolism can be slow and fast.

Slow metabolism tends  to burn your calories slowly by utilizing  fats present in your body while on the other hand fast metabolism burns your calories fast by converting fats into kinetic energy. People with fast metabolism do not gain weight and worry less about their calories while eating. People with slow metabolism have to watch how many calories are going into their body while they eat to prevent their body from gaining extra weight.


Comparison between old age and modern eating habits:


In this age people eat unhealthy food more as compared to people eating healthy foods. Unhealthy foods are the result of our fast lives. Unhealthy food comes into existence when people demand food in a short time. People prefer takeaway or drive through more than dine in due to fast moving lives and end up eating unhealthy foods. This has become a global trend now. People in this age are taking nutrients from supplements rather than taking it from healthy food because junk food can not fulfil the nutritive needs of the human body. Life's different now than it was used to before . Before people used to eat healthy food full of nutritions but these days fat food has taken the place of that. Before women's use to stay at home and prepare food for family but in this era womems also work outside in order to support their families. Hence the whole family ends up eating outside or taking away food . Children also eat outside because their parents do not have time to cook at home due to their busy lives. A Lot of students eat unhealthy food. They leave their houses without eating breakfast and by the end of school they end up starving which leads to eating fast food. This practice should be avoided otherwise it will affect our health badly. Another unhealthy habit that children have developed is that they  eat late at night while watching any show or movie which leads to illness and bad physical conditions.  



Hence healthy eating habits should be promoted. And schools should focus on this as well because this is the most important aspect of our life. There is an important saying "Health is wealth". If we are healthy we can do our daily jobs and activities but if there is the opposite of it then nothing is possible. Try to build good living habits as we all know we only live once so why not live a healthy and peaceful life . Good health should be your major life goal .


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