Easy AI Masterclass in Advance (2024)

AI is rapidly changing the job market and the future belongs to those who stay ahead of the curve I recently had the opportunity to visit IIM Bangalore to host an AI workshop and interact with their students in this article.

I'll Share some key Snippets from that session and also give you some key insights on how you can Safeguard your career from AI's Impact in the next 6 months so without wasting any further time let's get awesome uh I'm audible right cool cool good to see so many of you come on time I'm so sorry for being late but I'm pretty sure it's going to be worth it so folks before.

Accessibility Check

Easy AI Masterclass in Advance (2024)

go ahead a quick accessibility check is there anyone here who is not comfortable with Hindi please raise your hands awesome so I'll make sure that I don't switch to Hindi the slides are accessible the audio is accessible awesome before I move ahead there's a very interesting quote that I read a few days ago it said that there are decades.

Where nothing happens and then there are weeks where decades happen and in the next 45 to 50 minutes you realize that this quote is actually coming true we're living in those weeks where things are happening that would have usually taken 50 to 60 years so it's pretty exciting the entire master class is split into two segments no flock.

We'll keep it very very airtight and each segment is 40 minutes long now there's this tool called mid-Journey as I mentioned that allows you to create images and it came back a pretty long time there's a very interesting history behind it but in November 2022 version 4came in and at that point assumed that I got a contract from the government.

Prototype for a better

Easy AI Masterclass in Advance (2024)

the government came to me and said that anch we want you to design a new e-a prototype for a new e-a for the Indian Streets now this is something that has never been imagined before right back in November 2022 if I were to prompt something as simple as a minimal futuristic design.

Minimal, Futuristic Design For Electronic Rickshaw For Indian Streets

Electronic Ria for the Indian Streets mid-Journey version 4 back then in just 60 seconds would make this even that time I was like okay this looks kind of fake is not that practical but pretty impressive because this is something that was created by a machine from scratch four images in just 60 seconds but in June 2022 we got version 5.2.

Which is just around 8 months ago not that long the same prompt on Mid Journey version 5.2 would make something like this now you can obviously see the leap at which it improved in just 8 months in just 60 seconds any person who would be probably working on a prototype would not begin from a blank canvas but would start from here now the question is this just about making things look pretty or is there something more to a whole Journey.

look at this auto very carefully do you find something strange about it and raise your hands yeah stands there are stands at the bottom, of course, raise your hands raise your hands yeah how do you say that Because there is no driver Is it absolutely okay any anyone else yeah the color I mean the color is kind of it's It's a fusion of the Bombay taxi thing I think.

Special about it anybody can spot that yeah the what the doors no I think it can be without doors, not a big deal yeah the what I mean yeah looks futuristic for sure design is good yeah exactly and if you look closely at the very top the roof resembles a solar panel so three things one there's no driver two there's a stand at the bottom and the handles are hanging on the ceiling it's like and the roof resembles a solar panel.

Now my question I gave a very simple prompt I just asked AI to create a simple prototype of an EA but because mid-Journey has scanned so many images because it is way more smart its ability to predict the future is way higher so it automatically fills in the gaps saying that if there were an EA in the next 10 to 15 years it's probably going to be self-driven probably powered by solar probably convertible into a flying automobile.

AI can actually help us take a look into the future because it has scanned a lot more data than us and it can actually do pattern recognition on a very very strong level before you move ahead I want to tell you about our latest learning website how to prom. in where you can get free AI resources road maps and step-by-step guides that will teach you everything that you need to know about tools like Chad GPT and mid journey in fact you can also know about my offline master classes AI courses ebooks and communities all in one place visit how to prom. in to start learning.


yourself in fact it can help you see things that don't even exist so on the left that's a School image I was in my school this is a pretty old image I think from 2016 and on the right I have extended the boundaries using Photoshop.

AI so Photoshop also has inbuilt AI features it comes under the category of generate way and we'll figure out what that means later on but see the boundaries would you ever know that that arm right there is AI generated it's absolutely seamless in fact anything that you see in black and white is the original image everything outside of it was imagined.

AI I can also take it to the next level where I can extend the height as well now check this out anything that is in the black-and-white boundary is the real everything outside has been seamlessly placed in nobody will ever know where reality ends and where AI starts so the major most important agenda of today's session is not just about knowing what AI can do it's also about understanding what AI cannot do that is equally important because that is where we double down as human beings because as decision-makers and professionals anytime a problem comes in front of you you need to be smart enough to understand who to delegate.

You get a problem you should have enough intelligence to decide is a problem worth solving for a human or should Outsource it to AI and for that, you need to know how both AI and humans think and who is stronger at what so that you don't give a problem which is better for an AI to a human being and vice versa so I've hyped.

First Principles & Reality Checks

enough let's start with the first module of today's agenda some first principles and reality checks around AI because you would be seeing a lot of nonsense on the internet which will just confuse you in the next 5 minutes I'll quickly cover.

cliched basic stuff

some cliche stuff because there are some people who have never used chat GPT so bear with me but I just want to make sure that everybody's on the very same page so at first when you get the Pro Plan of chat GPT which costs around 1,800 bucks this is how your screen would look on the very top by default it would choose chat GPT 3.5 which is the free version available.

Everybody on the free plan but if you get the Pro Plan in the center it will say chat GPT plus and you'll have the option to access the better versions of GPT at this point it is GPT 4 at the very bottom of your screen you will find an input Fe you literally just chat with this and whatever you write everything depends on the message that you curate here so the first important word for today.

Message Prompt

prompt moving forward when I say that I am prompting chat GPT I am prompting mid The journey is just a fancy way of me saying that I'm writing a message inside the stool moving forward anytime you go on Google anytime on YouTube you need to search Chat GPT prompts for marketing Journey prompts or social media never write Journey tricks Journey results or Journey hacks.

just write the word prompt because that is where you start now enough of the theory let's assume that you want to study a new Marketing Concept because a lot of you folks are in the subject of learning itself and I personally believe that

Chat GPT

chat GPT might not have a huge impact in terms of day-to-day professional work but it's a game Cher for students who want to learn more effectively so I went to Google and I found a pretty interesting PDF which was 30 pages long on Market positioning is one of my favorite subjects.

Now without chat GPT obviously the shortest part would be to skim through it to read the entire PDF but what I can do if I have the Pro Plan of chat GPT I can now also upload PDFs and we won't get into the entire step-by-step guide of how you need to do that you can obviously search that on YouTube but just letting you know that you can now upload PDFs after you upload the PDF I said to read this PDF and once done wait for my next command


then I prompted and I'm typing this m in chat GPT so I'm saying I am a product marketer in the SAS space this is who I am actually I'm a product marketer in my day-to-day job can you give me three top key takeaways from this PDF that would be relevant to me why would I say that because in a PDF a lot of information might not be relevant to your space.

I'm making sure that chat GPT picks what is useful to me in the end I say for each point specifies how I can apply that tip in my own professional day-to-day Life as a product marketer for SAS tools and in less than 60c it started giving me a bunch of pointers that were absolutely concrete from the PDF the the only difference is that now they were very very relevant to my simple use case in fact I can say that if I were getting

Indian Context

five six points I can say I really like the first point I want to make a LinkedIn post explaining the same topic but through a very simple-to-understand story based in the Indian context this is pretty important because if you don't specify that you're living in India you want this for the Indian context and it'll always give you some us American version of it at the end I say can you come up with a short 500 characters long LinkedIn post.

Toady teaches the same lesson via a simple to-understand the story and it did that as well not that complicated at all just took 60 seconds to come up with a very simple story now of course this is not extremely practical it's not like I can copy this post put it on LinkedIn and get thousands of views it doesn't work like that the difference is that before Chat GPT I would start from a blank canvas but now this gives me a head start now there's a very big.

Misconception In The Market About Al

misconception in the market about AI and that is what people are trying to sell that that is the concept that is getting a lot of attention is that you can just Outsource all of your work to AI that AI will come and wipe away human jobs nobody will have work to do everybody's going to go jobless because that is them selling fear in a lot of cases when you sell fear you can always upsell your course I sell courses so I know.

how the trick work you create a real and say that in the next 6 months you're going to be jobless and now the viewers are like just tell me what I need to buy from you so don't fall for those tricks I use those tricks that's why I'm telling you right the thing is even I have not stopped using those tricks.

Now I've told my design team that folks let's not sell fear let's sell inspiration let's sell motivation because that is a better way otherwise, people will just be anxious and not even try to learn what is happening in the market the thing is that as of August

2023 you cannot blindly trust AI outcomes and I specify August 2023

because to be honest nobody knows what's going to happen today they are pretty weak but nobody knows what will happen in December right now whatever you get from a tool like chat GPT never blindly trusted you need to build on top of it so let's put it down into a simple to understand workflow you get a problem statement in your day-to-day life.

This is how things practically work sub the human thinks it's not AI who's hanging around in the real world figuring out what problems we need to solve the human recognizes a gap in the market the human knows which problem is the most important problem.

The human gives prompts to AI and gives context that is our responsibility because for AI the world is Utopia all roads are straight there is no lack of money there's no lack of resources everything is ideal as human beings it is our responsibility to understand the real world.

Context To the AI

constraints give context to the AI then AI gives a result and by default that result is very impractical you can't use it directly so then the human Builds on top of that result and once the human Builds on top of that result then the human delivers to the final stakeholder so it begins with the human it ends with the human and AI alone is not that powerful unless.

The human gives it context as of August 2023 and I keep saying that with an ASX because we don't know all these things might evolve there's a very interesting website called pacifist archive.org there's this a term called technophobia have you heard of it an anytime a big piece of technology comes and there is a bunch of people who get extremely stressed out about it and they spread phobia about it this website is a huge repository of newspaper

articles for the simplest of technology and inventions in the world including steady wears mirrors radio TV

everything and you will be shocked to see that people thought that when Teddy bears were introduced to the market people said that this was the end when escalators came they said this was the end when television came they said this is the end this is where Society will end so the thing is very few people were alive when these things happened.

It's very difficult for us to see when history is repeating itself that is why as a technologist or as an AI Enthusiast I would recommend you folks spend some time learning history because if you know how history works if you understand how these patterns repeat then you can very easily predict what's going to happen.

leverage and This Entire Game is About

leverage next slide there's a very interesting philosophy that anytime a big piece of technology comes in we have three categories of people there are opposers who say that this is extremely mad please don't use this technology with time opposers perish the people who make the maximum amount of money are the builders in open.

AI cases probably will make the most amount of money because they are the ones who are building chat GPT but there's one more category of people who make a lot of money and those are the users let's get out of AI let's take YouTube because YouTube is an example that is very very relevant.


YouTube was introduced there were a lot of opposers cinema halls DVD Distributors TV channels so many people said that if YouTube becomes successful who will come to us who will buy courses who will go to the movie halls with time Evolution doesn't care for the opposers because opposers are against evolution they're opposed to the flow of evolution so what happens is that Evolution doesn't care about the opposers and opposers die just like those people who opposed YouTube the people who built YouTube made the maximum amount of money but there's one more category of people who made a lot of money YouTubers and people who used YouTube.

I have learned everything from YouTube anything important that I know in life I've learned it from YouTube so the thing is that when I say that folks need to understand prompt engineering people think that maybe they should stop their day-to-day jobs and become prompt engineers no folks.


just like Googling you live your daily life as it is but you just understand how this thing works I saw this image a few days ago it said humans are hooked while machines are learning unfortunately, this is pretty true and very sad but yeah it's actually very very sad because I showed this to my mom and I was actually on my phone when I said Mom I sent you something on WhatsApp and I'm not even looking at her I'm like just check this out on WhatsApp because WhatsApp has got me hooked on my phone.

I can barely see outside my phone but this is a wakeup call for all of us because I'm not saying that you have to be completely away from your phones but at least don't let these guys rule everything we also need to learn and not stay hooked at all times another very important mindset shift is that tools like chat GPT mid Journey might get outdated but the subject of prompting well.

Prompt Engineering

prompt engineering is here to stay because if you're a Chad GPT expert you're running the wrong race because very soon even if that tool is going to be replaced by a new tool the first principles will always stay the same now before I give you a bunch of prompts I want you to understand that your day-to-day work is actually split into two categories in every category of profession it doesn't matter what you're in and once you understand this one simple mindset shift you'll be able to plan your next career moves very easily and prioritize where you spend your time on it is split into two buckets execution and ideation let me give you a quick example let's say you're in marketing and you need to come up with some captions and hashtags and you need to to upload one carousal every day this is pure the execution you know why because there's a recipe to finding hashtags there's a basic recipe to writing a caption.

100% accurate recipe to upload

Carousal on Instagram it's all a part of a prescription right you can prescribe what this person needs to do create a checklist and folks if you can prescribe something if you can build a checklist of something eventually AI will automate it so you need to ask yourself am I spending too much time learning execution because if you are you're running the wrong race the second category the second bucket of your work comes under ideation now what is ideation is there a prescription for coming up with a good idea there can be a prescription for a process of brainstorming and then eventually you can have an idea out of a brainstorming session but is there a very very valid real prescription for coming up with good Solutions.

No nobody knows where we get good ideas from it just comes through our own human interactions through problem-solving through testing very very soon the cost of execution and the value of execution will go down and only ideation will be rewarded across sectors if you say that I'm very good at Excel that means you'rean Executor you're going to be automated but if you say that I'm very very good at prioritizing which problem to solve.

I'm very very good at problem-solving in general I'm very good at understanding gaps in the market these come under ideation so if you have a skill that is very difficult to prescribe you're in the right race otherwise you're actually in a very very wrong sector, one very important shift is that you're not Outsourcing your task to AI.

You Are Making Al Do Time-Consuming Tasks

you're making AI do time-consuming tasks just as I showed you in the PDF example right I'm not reading the PDF but I'm using it to quickly save my time now whatever results that I show you moving forward are from chat GPT plus because there are limited features in the free plan but I personally feel that it's completely worth it and if you want to share it with somebody else you can do that as well you remember this guy.

Dorimon now Dorimon was cutting edge AI right and NOA was the world's first prompt engineer because he had such a powerful piece of tech in his house yet he could never ask for the right things the guy could never move on from Shizuka completely wasted the entire potential of that AI I have been on the opposite side of the TV screen thinking that dude if I had Dormon I would have wi the next Elon Musk but the funny part is that right now we are manufacturing novices atscale and if you don't understand how to use shat GPT you're just a modern version of NOA.

Prompts Before the Prompts

you a lot of prompts before the prompts I just want to show you this quote that I don't fear artificial intelligence I fear natural stupidity the thing is anytime I share these prompts and these booklets with people they're like oh my life is sorted I would never have to walk again I'll become a millionaire this and that I'll do this I'll do freelance all of this nonsense folks please don't be naturally stupid have some brains.

When I show you how these things work because the world is not Utopia you have to be smart about how these tools really work so first use case let's talk about up skilling because as I said I'm not asking AI to do my work I'm actually using AI to become a better human being that is a very very practical use case because the major the heaviest impact of AI is going to come on learning and education so for example let's just say that I want some guidance around a B2B marketing space right so I will open my chat GP and prompt act as a highly experienced B2B marketer who specializes

Ed-tech Apps and Startups

in bootstrap ed-tech apps and startups based out of India I'm just creating a fictional case where I might be interning at an tech startup then I'm essentially giving guidelines on how I would will interact with this AI so I will say you need to become my coach and guide me throughout my college life every day once I come and say doubt class you need to ask me what I'm working on Once I answer you need to ask me any relevant questions that give youmore clarity.

Keep asking me till you have enough context this is very very important because anytime people ask something from AI they don't give AI the freedom to ask more questions to get more context so the thing is she feels that I can only ask once and then it hallucinates and gives you shitty answers you need to give AI that freedom to ask more questions it's a conversation because it's not a human being it doesn't come naturally to chat GPD in the second half of the prompt I see that once I answer.

For all questions you need to give me three things feedback next steps and one free a resource that I can refer to for Learning and then I also mentioned that I only have 30 minutes per doubt class this is very very important because if you don't specify how much time you have in a day it will assume you have hours and then at the very end I am explicitly defining My outcome by the end of these next six months I should become very strong at marketing Tech products keep your answers.

Concise Easy to Eead and to the Point and it Absolutely Makes Complete

sense now the way this works is very interesting because now I can come back to this chat again and again and we'll pick this concept in detail this is called building a chat GPT agent you can essentially revisit your conversations anytime I come back to this conversation all I need to do is type dou class and when I say doubt class great what are you currently working on I can put in any basic idea anything like a single sentence, I would say I am figuring out why most tech platforms struggle to scale from their Niche to more students plus why don't they focus more on offline classes it's a valid doubt they all start with digital.

Now an academy is slightly trying the offline game all altogether but if I'm curious I can ask the same thing but then it started asking me more questions for individual topics and we won't go into the details but you would have gotten the gist of it that once I start answering these questions it will actually, start brainstorming with me and help me fill in the gaps as it did with the Journey prompt where I said that I just need an AI.

AI told me that it's probably going to be driverless the question is why did this problem works so well and if you want to generate the same quality results in your own chat GPT conversations how would you make the most of it turns out there's a four-step checklist and I'm sharing this checklist today but I'm pretty sure that after 6.


months there's going to be an AI to automate this as well you're probably going to have a chat GPT plugin which is very very cool that just shapes your prompts on its own but let's just make sure that we are done with the first principles on step number one you need to assign a role if I want B2B advice I want a B2B specialist giving me advice I don't just directly go and ask questions on step number two I set my context and Define the task.

Where I said this is what you need to help me with any time I comment in our class you need to ask me relevant questions on step number three we are setting constraints that I only have this much amount of time I only have this much money I only have these many people on my team otherwise it will always be assumed that

Millions of Dollars

you have millions of people under you you have millions of dollars to spend at the very end on step number four we have the expectation you need to make sure that you're setting the right expectation and if you're writing content you can always say that write this LinkedIn Post in a conversational tone and avoid marketing buzzwords because by default chat GPD uses very very typical marketing lingo which doesn't work so just add this phrase to avoid marketing buzzwords the quality of your results will be really really high in fact I have created a free ebook that has a list of prompts so we won't waste time going through different use cases if you scan this QR code you will have a huge ebook with multiple prompts that you can use for multiple Industries and I'll share this you guys don't even have to click.


I'll share the presentation with the team you guys remember this scene from Harry Potter from Half-Blood Prince where he writes into this book called Hi My Name Is Harry Potter turns out now it'll say hello Harry Potter My Name is Chad G and I keep sharing these references again and again because for a very longtime all of these things were only seen in movies we would look at these movies and say dude I wish this existed folks this is out of the movie screens it's just in a different shape and form but this is happening for real so let's quickly revise what we did in module number one before we shift to two first.

How AI will Change the Way we Work

understood how AI will change the way we work it's not about Outsourcing but it is about delivering a higher quality of work getting a head start rather than starting from a blank canvas then we understood how history is just repeating itself this is just a new piece of tech coming in and very soon New pieces of Technology will come in and you know it's very selfish of us to think that this entire planet is about the human race folks were just a step in the evolution even dinosaurs thought that the Universe was for them a meteor came in and wiped all of them so when people say that oh.

What if AI rules us what if we die probably in 250 300 years maybe that is the plan of evolution but nobody can control that because that is in Evolution's hands what we need to make sure is that we make the most of it for whatever little time that we are on this planet we make the maximum amount of money we make the maximum amount of Leverage to stay healthy spend time with our family and then let Evolution do whatever it is at the very end I gave you some basics of prompting inside chat GPD.

So let's start with module number two let's understand some underrated Pro techniques for you know building Chad GPT agents and what are they for and blah blah blah now before I move ahead very very important to understand that these models might be weak today they might hallucinate today but by December 2023 they will become very very sharp in fact I keep giving examples of Google ads you know Google ads came in

Google ads

2000 but it took at least 10 years 10 years for businesses to adopt Google ads on a day-to-day basis because they said why would we need Google ads when we have brochures and pamphlets and newspapers and TV channels folks who entered Google ads in the very beginning had immense leverage.

They printed money like anything because they knew how this worked so of course when Google ads came in at 200000 was it asstrong as it is today not at all but folks who entered that curve at the beginning of the curve is now reaping the benefits so it's just repeating history again and again so now let's understand what chat GPT agents so before I go into the definition let's understand the problem statement why do.

We need this concept in the first place the thing is that when you regularly use chat GPD on the left side you will have all your conversations so this is a list of conversations every single thing that you messaged to chat GPD it comes in a list and at one point the list becomes very heavy becomes very populated and you will eventually forget right in which conversation I said what a huge problem is that you remember I said assign a role anytime you ask chat GPD something you need to create a role if you want to have marketing articles every week do you keep assigning that role again and again it's a waste of time so the thing is instead of using new chats instead of creating new conversations you revisit your old chats again and again you revisit that same conversation the more you use that conversation the better it gets it understands you more and more so for.


example if I were to create a new conversation and this is a use case where I'm using chat GPD for writing reals so in my first prompt itself I say that your name is a real writer I'm putting a name for it and then I've given the instructions and I say that once you understand say yes and then on the very left you see that pen icon next to the delete in my list section if I click on that pen icon I can rename this conversation so I've just named.

This as real writer so that when I see the index it is easy for me to identify I have created multiple agents like this for real writing for article writing for prompting my mid Journey which we will cover in segment two and I revisit these conversations again and again it's just a concept that you can Google once you're home because I don't want to waste time going into the technical how-to but this is something that is very very helpful a lot of people are using this in fact I saw this very interesting meme on Twitter saying if you're not working multiple remote.

jobs you're leaving

jobs you're leaving money on the table with this guy with 20 desktops in front of him extremely stressful God bless his friends but the point is that this is a signal what is the signal the signal is that very soon two things will happen case number one you will deliver the same quality of work in a lesser amount of time case number two you deliver high quality work to more people in the same amount of time so step number one you keep doing whatever it is that you're doing use AI and have more free time to yourself you use that free time for your health your family whatever it is or if you're young you want to hustle then you can serve more clients more people solve.

Problems in the Same x Amount

problems in the same x amount of time now GPT can see things that you would usually Miss and I see very few people talking about this can you figure out what my prompt is you can raise your hands if you can figure out what it means yeah oh yes can you give me some advice on upskilling myself so the thing is I went to chat GBT and said can you jumble these words up and the fun fact is that even though the spellings are terribly wrong it could still still understand what I'm saying so this is no longer about good spelling it's actually just about knowing the constraints if you put up the constraints even in terrible English it.


Will still figure out what it means so yeah I think GPT 5 is going to come in pretty soon uh I just showed you GPT 4 and people are saying GPD 5 is 100 times stronger 100 times stronger than what you're seeing right now in fact they've also launched the same for mobile apps unfortunately it is only available on iOS I see a lot of people downloading the fake version of chat GPT for iOS please make sure that it is published by open AI if that application is not by open AI it's probably some other person scamming you so if you download any app please make sure it is

Open AI

from open AI and just like phones have apps right even Chad GPT has plugins so by default when you buy your phone it's just for calling and messaging you download apps you get more features similarly, by default chat GP reads text but with plugins, it can read images p PDFs link a lot of stuff so it's basically adding superpowers to your own chat GPD now to enable plugins once you have the Pro Plan you need to click on the bottom left corner of your screen and click on settings once you click on settings there's this option called beta features so these are some features that they're rolling out just for paid users you need to make sure that they are all enabled.

I'll take them through custom instructions we just cover in a minute right over on the second Point plugins at the end of the session I'll show you the code interpreter as well but you need to make sure all of them are enabled once you enable them on the very top of your screen when you click on GPT


4 you will see these three options you'll have default you'll have code interpreter we'll cover this but if I click on plugins it will show me a Marketplace for plugin store this is where you can download free plugins you don't have to pay for them so the fun part is that there's one of these plugins called walk script if I enable walk script I can paste in any YouTube video any any PDF link and it will watch the entire video for me and give me a summary I can ask questions can you tell me what all is mentioned in this three-hour-long podcast so it's not just limited to reading text it can read any kind of media if you explore plugins now I also mentioned code interpreter right this is very very new let's quickly skim through.

Code Interpreter?

as to what this is for because this again greatly impacts the finance industry and the data science Industry

like how people interpret data from sheets so anytime you any doubts just

ask chat GPT when they launch this feature I asked chat GPT only what all can code interpreters do for me you don't

need any guide for this and it said that I can do these many things but of course not that practical so I went to my

YouTube Studio is like a dashboard for all YouTubers where you can see the numbers of your views your likes

whatever it is and you can export all of your data in a CSV sheet I exported all of that data and uploaded it to the

code interpreter reads all of the data and this is where the fun begins

I asked what are the different ways you can generate graphs on this data sheet that I give you it gave me a list of 6

seven different analyses and prompts I was like this is pretty cool let's Explore More I said can you generate a

Graph For Performance

graph for performance by video category which is a pretty basic statement right can you create a graph out of the CSV that I have created four graphs in less than 10 to 15 seconds pretty straightforward and this would work for any amount of data then I said after analyzing all your previous results can you give me three data backed recommendations to hit my goal of 250k subscribers in 3 months so now I've given the AI a specific Target after giving data this data feeding data is actually a part of the context is right you never ask anything before you give context.

I say for every recommendation call out the data behind the decision because I just don't want blanket statements tell me how you reach this outcome so it started giving me a lot of pointers if you notice carefully right next to the advice you have this thing called Data backing where it points out to the specific Excel sheet evidence that allows me to understand that yes this tip is actually for real you can also inform Chad GPT about some specific settings beforehand so this is like a very quick shortcut they have just launched this feature I thought I'd cover it again so it's called custom instructions I'll tell you the problem statement.


marketing I don't want Chad GP to give me really long paragraphs or complicated words so you can just tell Chad GPT that dude, anytime I ask you something keep it simple you can tell chat gbt I am living in Delhi I am in India you don't have to say it again and again in every single prom so these are some defaults you can educate your chat GPT about your own personal life to activate this you again click on the bottom left corner you'll find this thing called custom instructions when you click on that the first input field says.

What would like chat GPT to know about you so you can tell where you work who are you what is it that you do the second input field asks you about the output you can see that keep your answers formal keep your answers casual whatever it is so this is something which is a huge timesaver if you're a power user of chat GPD very few people are using this carefully but then a very common the question that I get is that and why do we spend can you give us some free alternatives to achieve the same outcome.

Free Alternatives?

so the first one is obviously Google B. It's still in the experimental stage but it's still pretty useful in some ways I mean I'll highlight some very cool features the top feature is that you can instantly export all of your B results into Google Docs because Google has an end to- ended thing they have sort of collecting all of these tools in one single place.

There's one more tool called perplexity this is again for free and the biggest advantage of perplexity is that it gives you the source of the information so you can click on the source and figure out if this is real or not there's also hai.com another very very simple and free tool and this talks to you so it's not just like a basic text but it actually talks to you like a friend and I'm showing these examples so that you know you can always use these same prompts for free on other Platforms

Building a Competitor

in fact, apple is also building a competitor to chat GPT and we know that when Apple builds something they completely kill it so very soon you will have a better version probably for chat GPT which has been designed by Apple so the game has just been starting in fact Meta has just released Llama 2 the name is pretty complicated but it's just a competitor to Chad GPT.

So when I say open AI people think that it's open source and that it's free no it's not for free but these guys they're playing the a very long-term game that actually makes it free for research and commercial use so yeah with that we ended module number two we understood the basics of Chad GPT I quickly covered the basis of code interpreter custom instructions and some free alternatives to chat gbt that you can use without paying a penny.

Module Number

we're almost at the end of segment number one before we leave let's start with module number three as to what you even do after this because I've intimidated you so much I've thrown so much data at you what do you do when you go back home with this knowledge see I'm going to share with you a list of AI directories they are nothing but a list of different AI tools.

We had limited time so I could only talk about chat GPT but there are industry-specific use case-specific AI tools the first one is Future PD. you go to this website and select the domain in which you're working so you can select copyrighting customer support audio editing whatever it is and this website will tell you about all the free tools and all the pay tools coming in that sector then we have a value. a again a competitor to Future Pedia does the same thing and gives you better results there are also super tools. rundown again all directories are the same but it's just that when you have more options to choose.


little chance that you will miss something valuable so you can always refer to these sites maybe you know once a month or so there's also there's an AI for that.com has very very specific Niche based applications not like heavy applications but very very specific mundane tasks now if you're in the SAS industry if you're an entrepreneur building a web app.

There's a website called SAS prompt.com which has a use case list of how you can use chat GPD to grow your SAS business so these are very specific to entrepreneurs or in Tech now what you need to do is you need to go through all of your notes and pick one resource a day don't go through all of them in one single shot pick one thing then figure out what AI tools arebeing introduced in your specific domain because you could be an educator you could be in finance you could be in customer support whatever it is you need to figure out what domain are you in and then figure out the right AI tools and afterward understand that this skill is going to be as important as Googling by December every single job.

Important as Googling

description will have a bullet point on the top saying well worst impr prompting XYZ a tool so for example if you're in finance is probably going to say well worse when prompting Microsoft Excel because it's going to be as important as just English and if you are scared about not keeping through just create an agent on Chad GPT and make it your coach just tell Chad GPT that dude I'm trying to learn AI these are the number of resources create

A timetable for me and keep me accountable and you can no longer say to folks that I couldn't figure out what to do because this excuse has now been thrown into the dustbin for a very long time people used to message me on Instagram saying an we go to YouTube there are so many videos.

Chad GP helps you find the signal

Within the noise I know there's so much of content on the internet but this will help you find the truth and direct you as to what you need to do so yeah in fact to make life easier we have also launched a free platform for prompting resources we just released today itself and it's called How to Prompt. it's a free website once you go to this website.

You'll have a list of videos from my channel categorized in order of AI directories prompt ebooks everything in one place so yes I hope that this made sense and that it's not replacing humans but it's actually helping humans deliver better there's a huge difference between that and if any of you are building a company just 5 minutes.

I just want to give a list of use cases and I will share this PDF with your team we don't have to go through them one by one but what I've done is I've created a list for each and every Department of your company so for example your HR department can use chat GPD for these many use cases I've made a list for your marketing which involves your copyrighting ideas WhatsApp messages for them and programming.

Basic Debugging

basic Python If you're creating a landing page you can get ideas from chat GPT that we're making a website tell us what we should include in it for your product team they can create pods do competitor analysis you now put in the URL of your competitor ask GPD to tell me what are they doing right tell me what are they doing wrong and guide me on my topic for research and Analysis.

I think this is pretty straightforward go through PDFs go through news go through large CSV sheets for sales it's extremely useful because you can use it for cold emails cold calling scripts in fact there is one tool called poise. a or Wingmann the fun fact is that this tool comes into your Google Meet calls and records.

How you're talking and once your Google Meet call has ended it gives you feedback that an maybe you were very overconfident in those first 10 minutes here's a video that can help you improve your communication skills it's a pretty cool tool so let's start with module number one basic of mid-journey and all the possibilities now I'm not going to show you how mid-journey is installed for that I've created a very detailed YouTube video If you scan this QR code you will be redirected to my channel where I share with you how to download this tool called Discord which is free once you get Discord you need to.

Creating an account on the Mid Journey

mid-journey is unfortunately paid it costs around 1,300 rupees per month once you do that you can put it on your Discord and use it on your computers and your phones as well but I recommend it to use it is on your computer once you download your Discord and install your mid Journey inside of it this is how the screen looks like from a first impression.

You'll be like this is extremely scary and intimidating trust me in In the next 15 minutes you'll know everything about it you need to know just a few buttons and you will be sorted just like chat GPT inside mid Journey what I have to do is I have to prompt an image so this is something that I would type in and then in less than 70 80 Seconds it would give me four images in one go and then I can pick one of those four Images.


the important thing to understand is that people think mid-journey is like Photoshop I would give in a prompt I will get a lot of images and then I can edit them according to my own needs absolutely false this is not like Photoshop is just like Google Images but better you go to Google Images for just drag and drop images or you take inspiration but you can't edit anything that you get from Google Images right it's not an editable file so please make sure that all the examples that I'm showing you right here whether it's for social media posters YouTube deck Graphics icons you can just use mid-Journey right now for inspiration for ideas for brainstorming and not actually real design work it can't replace designers so please be very careful about that even when it comes to fashion clothing visual.

AI Avatars

inspiration those AI avatars all of it is possible using mid-Journey if you can see something you can generate it with mid-Journey AI so the thing is that just like chat GPT weak prompts will give you a weak result so in the second half of this session I will tell you how to give a strong prompt inside Journey so that you can create some really really good images so as I told you it's not just about making things look pretty It also helps us take a look into the future and fill in gaps in our thoughts.

A look into the future.

Solutions now we understand that force part checklist for a chat GPD prompt let me show you how a Journey.

Midjourney Prompt

prompt looks like there's a specific structure to it very very straightforward very very simple so when you install Discord before you describe your image there's one thing that you need to type it's just syntax it's just Rule and that is slash imagine you can't use mid-Journey until unless you type slash imagine once you type SL imagine you need to write the scene description what is it that you're looking for your entire scene this is the city these are the people this is what you want to visualize then you have the style.

You have the same scene maybe as an illustration maybe as a comic maybe as a painting so this is a visual style the last component is called a parameter so the thing is by default mid Journey gives you a one-is-to-one image but you can always ask mid journey to create images in a specific aspect ratio makes it slightly more chaotic make more ultra-realistic Imes maybe render F so these are some technical stuff that you can tune all of that comes under parameters so basically, there are three components to a Journey prompt.

I saw this meme a few weeks back it said to replace Graphic Designer graphic designer clients will need to accurately describe what they want which is next to impossible so when people say that oh graphic designers will lose their jobs and clients only will run Journey are you serious about the the second half will tell you how complicated even mid-journey is it is not easy even for a designer to use this tool so forget about people who are not from design so let's cover some basic parameters.

Basic parameters

can figure out for Styles I'll I'll give you a lot of resources but parameters are something that is slightly technical so let's say I want to make some virtual backgrounds maybe for my Zoom calls maybe for a YouTube video whatever it is and they need to look realistic right so I will type SL and imagine a Sci-Fi.

imagine a sci-fi background

background this is a weak prompt so when I give a weak prompt this is a result that I would get by default it's going to be a 1est to one image and you can see how terrible these images look it's like a proper 28-graphic design aesthetic these are not usable at all so if you pick any of these you can obviously see that they look very very fake but now if I write the same problem with some few extra additional words saying make it minimal aesthetic sunlit Glass and Metal architecture refined detailed ultra realistic.

YouTube videos

every single aspect I will get something that looks like this by default it's one is to one but I create YouTube videos right so I get a wide image so I will probably use the AR component we've discussed this briefly but let's quickly cover at the end of your prompt you need to write dash dash AR without any spaces and then afterwards you need to write 16 is to 9 16 is your width nine is your height I think this is pretty straightforward but yeah I just thought.

I'll clear it out so when I and the same prompt saying AR6 is9 this time I will get a wide image and then you can pick any one of these and then probably you know use this for whatever like this can be used for interior designers architectural drawings even for backgrounds the use cases are infinite and just like this one single parameter mid Journey has created a very detailed documentation if you go on Google and type mid Journey parameter list you can learn all of this for free from mid Journey themselves I teach this.

learn how CH GPT works

regularly to folks that if you want to learn how CH GPT works learn it from open as documentation you want to learn mid Journey don't get a course just go to Mid Journey's documentation you should only buy a course for two reasons number one you're running out of time you're running out of time and you want to finish this in the next one week so you can't waste time Googling and going through documentation then you buy the course second you need to learn something which is way more advanced and you can't find it all the documentation.

You are beginners you don't need to pay anybody even a single penny just refer the documentation and you'll be good to go this is also pretty funny one everyone says that AI will replace designer's job AI accepting the job these are some mid Journey renders and this is how it creates handshakes so it's a pretty funny meme because it's not as smart as you think it still needs a lot of human input so a lot of people ask me can we use this for print we have brochures posters a lot of requirement for the graphic design can you print there's no folks you can't it's not that practical.


always is use it for inspiration so with that we end module number one where we understood what is mid Journey we understood the basic structure of a mid Journey prompt and we did some basics of upscaling creating variations and the aspect ratio parameter now let's cover some Pro tips for Mid Journey because this is where your mind is just going to get blown away this is where we actually do Cutting Edge prompting inside mid Journey so the first tip that I always give is to absolutely learn a list of rendering engines now what do.

Specific Render Engines

that this is a list that I have tried and tested so the thing is when you do 3D modeling uh when you're creating 3D renders there are specific softwares and rendering engines and you can always do a TR andal error on all of these I'll show you what difference they make on the left side I have prompted dog running on the surface of Mars but on the right side if I just add 16k pixel it looks like it's a still from a Pixar movie same.

Scene but just by specifying a rendering engine I have created an outcome which is very very unique if anybody of youare in illustrations I can write a giant octopus playing drums on the beach and just add 16k vector graphics it wouldcreate a vector vector file now the thing is that of course this is a JPEG right so to edit this in Adobe.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator you need the actual Vector copy for that there's a website called vectorizer doai mid Journey jpeg onto this website it will create an editable AI file for you but the thing is it's going to have a lot of complicated grouping so you have to ungroup it and then group it again there's some manual work but again huge time sa like imagine if you had to come up with this from scratch you will waste so many hours just to get to this point this this guy who tweeted so designer is now typing a prompt and hitting generate and the guy replied is heating a frozen pizza considered cooking and it's very similar folks because we have frozen food available for sure when there's an emergency say but that doesn't mean that people just stopped cooking or stopped going to restaurant and stopped making food all.

Take Two Pieces of Technology

together now this is where we take two pieces of technology and combine them together for something incredible Because You Must Be Wondering dude how will I come up with such good prompts you can train your chat GPD to come up with mid Journey prompts who needs to come up with their own prompts because in the end it's just a text input right so what I did is I created a prompt that that taught Chad GPD about mid journey.

I created an agent and I started feeding inspiration to my chat GPD and once I did that I had to just give one single sentence it created the mid Journey PR for me I copied pasted and got these images so I would create a very simple idea to my chat GPD and then it would add on to it as I said it is filling gaps right so it is helping me visualize and create better Concepts that I can then feed into mid journey in fact fact I went to Canon and Nikon's website I downloaded a bunch of eBooks on photography and I fed all of those to my chat GP agent I basically made my chat GPT agent .

How Mid Journey Works

professional photographer then I taught my chat GPT how mid Journey works once I did that these are the kind of images mid Journey started to create now the fun thing is that how do I get to this point because this is super realistic now like this is crazy why because this is how the prompt look like so it's not just the scene description but it is also specifying the camera model the lens the shutter speed the iso every single thing now how did Chad GPT know this because it has read every single book that I could find about Canon and Nikon cameras so when I gave it a scene description it decided what camera would work what lens would work what configuration would work which is mindblowing this is again a mid Journey render.

How did I get to this point because the prompt behind this image looks like this now can a human being ever come up with this it is Impractical even if it is practical a huge waste of time and I am a very lazy person like I'm extremely lazy that's why I'm always on the lookout for shortcuts and systems so that I can build a system create a shortcut and deliver high quality of work in the least amount of time and that is what all of you need to do folks nobody cares about how hard you work it is literally about your output if you're working super hard without any outputs nobody will care so please make sure that you're using these tips and tricks to deliver high quality of work in fact a friend of mine Ganesh he's coming

YouTube channel

tomorrow right he has a YouTube channel called think school please make sure you're there for his talk so Ganesh told me that I need a reel which is on Indian farmers can mid Journey create that as well and these are mid Journey renders incredible stuff absolutely fascinating I have been using them for my own Instagram real covers as well if you go to my Instagram.

You'll find all of these in fact there are a lot of Indian artists who are doing some very inspiring works because there are some creators like waron Peru who are creating these sneakers madani sneakers all created from mid Journey right he he does this very very cool photo shoots all generated inside mid Journey so folks this time we're actually doing pretty well and I'm very happy about it and just to share some resources see it all comes down to your vocab ulary if you can write well if you can think well and if you have a good vocabulary mid journey is sorted for you so there's this website called mid library.

Genres Art Movements

genres art movements visuals you can regularly go to websites like these and figure out the art style names because you can visually see something but you might not know what to call it so this helps you fill in that Gap in fact there's this website called mid Journey showcase where other mid Journey creators show off their work so you can figure out what they're doing because you can click on any image and figure out what was the prom behind it in fact you can also use specific cameras inside mid Journey right you don't have to go through the entire Nikon ebook route.

I'll show you what I did this is a normal prompt cinematic still off a women sipping coffee and aesthetic CF and these are the four Images it gave me these are the four cameras that I regularly use for my mid Journey prompts and there are specific benefits for these right so I have never used these cameras but now I know for what use case which camera works so for example for the same prom this is without a camera if I run the same prong with the Canon EOS R7 this is the result that I would get it is way more subtler the aperture is very high very soft images sometimes when I want something which is very colorful very high saturation.

Red Monstro 8K

use the red monstro 8K because in this one the colors are very smooth and they pop out like it always creates a very West Anderson sort of a thing in fact you can also have specific dop guidelines so I use these three very regularly for example if I were to use rule of thirds so rule of thirds is this a principle where you keep one thing in the focus and you have this room shrinking in so.

When I say rule of thirs mid Journey knows that the subject needs to have maximum importance and folks when I use rule of thirds this is the render that mid Journey gave me would you ever know that this person doesn't exist Does the job well like M Journey really really focused on this guy because I've used the rule of thirs incredible stuff folks so yeah I would just recommend you folks to spend some time right i' I've shown you so many things I have been making my own Real cover so there's this thing called face swapping we won't go into the depths of it but basically all of my real covers are all like this I would.


just create a mid Journey image swap my face so I don't have to click pictures right I can just do this again and again and it just keeps giving me ideas so folks your ability to talk to AI is going to be as important as your ability to talk to human beings it's going to happen pretty pretty soon so yes this is my YouTube channel folks if you're interested in knowing deep stuff about both of these tools.

QR code

my YouTube channel this is the QR code in fact I also regularly upload content on Instagram where we share hacks tips and resources and yes that is all for the module three with that we end our live AI master class at I Bangalore

that's my email ID if you have any doubts you can always reach out to me uh we've been doing sessions Consulting all over the globe and yeah um show off hands who has any questions we'll do them outside I just want to get an idea okay one or two makes sense I it's I know you need some time to digest what all is happening but yeah I think now we can disperse and if you have anything to say otherwise we'll meet outside there's this place where we can take the stickers click pictures you can ask me questions.

I'm here all evening folks thank you you will find all the relevant resources and the link to download the PDF in description if you're here for the first time make sure you click on subscribe and hit the Bell icon so that you never miss an update let me know in the comment section if there's something specific you want me to cover in the next video we make content on design Ai and Technology to help you upskill for free I hope that you're taking care of your mind and body this is your those an mea signing out if you like this video make sure you click on like and hit the Subscribe button I regularly upload videos on ux design marketing and storytelling.

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