Dynamic web page and how it works

Online presence is getting impacted day by day. People are innovating different things in web development and hosting. These things could be either web style or approach toward a website.


An approach toward a website could be either by downloading it in offline form or online. But there is a mean approach which is called a dynamic web page.


A dynamic web page operates in two different ways where the content including text and images or the appearance of the website changes with time or day. Suppose one is accessing a special website from a specific location or day, he will get the certain data that is first shown to him.


Now if the same person access that website on the next day, it would show the changed content with some changes in web pages or the content uploaded to that website.


The two types of dynamic web pages are:


1.       Server-side scripting

Server-side scripting is the way a page loads when someone approaches a website. When someone clicks on a specific link the content that is loaded is called server-side scripting. Your server generates that specific content as per the need of visitors. Different scripting languages like PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, and Perl help server-side scripting when someone performs an operation like forms creating, submitting and editing, etc.


2.       Client-side scripting


As by the name this scripting generates content for the client or visitor. Whenever a visitor performs an action on the web page, it helps him show the content by loading it on the client's computer. In this scripting, the server doesn’t work. The whole content needs are loaded on the client computer and they can easily access without any internet need. Different scripting languages like JavaScript and flash is used. 

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