Do Free web hosting companies provide support?

Web hosting is a complicated term and demands a lot of understanding with things connected to it. It’s totally wrong to say that you won’t be facing any issues. Because in servers or services, they could be some clashing or some errors.

Thus errors and problems are part of every hosting service whether it is free or paid. But do free web hosting companies provide support? Nearly No, but yes.

It depends on the company you choose. But as you are using free resources thus issues may exceed due to thousands of users. In this case, free hosting companies nearly don’t respond with their support system.

usually, they don’t have a proper support system but every website comes with these components;

User forum

User forums are usually available on every website whether it is for web hosting or business site. But is it active or not? This is the question which everyone should ask.

As free hosting services providers have no much longer budget. They don’t hire a larger staff to deal with all customer's queries.  But in these forums, you can contact and discuss issues with other fellow users and get a solution.

if you want to get somehow best than rest, go for checking employee active status in the User forum. If they have active employees, they are best to choose and get a response for what you are facing.

Live chat support

As I said above free hosting companies do have not much budget to handle too many users. Thus, they can offer live chat support. This support is usually open 24/7. What you need to do is navigate it on the website and send your error message. Hopefully, this portal would be resolving your problems.

Email system

A quality measurement factor in top free web hosting companies is their email system. A good company usually sent a reply to their customers whenever they sent a mail. Though their reply emails are pre-written but reply thoroughly. But if you are not getting any reply from their email system, consider it as the worst free hosting company.

Final Words

Free web hosting companies are not worth it to use for your primary intentions. When you decide to plan a website, go with cheap hosting but not free. As free hosting websites are usually utilized for learning purposes. So instead of measuring the quality of support for free web hosting companies, get a cheaper one in the initial stages and then migrate when get succeed in the testing period.

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