*Digital currency Around 70 to 80 percent of the world has gone to digital currency, that is

*Digital currency

Around 70 to 80 percent of the world has gone to digital currency, that is, these 70 to 80 percent of people have money, but money that does not exist, that means they can use this money but cannot touch it, that is, none of this wealth

. This digital currency including Easypaisa,

JazzCash and other wallet accounts etc. does not existThere are but this is a common type. The actual digital currency will be discussed later. According to my opinion, this digital currency is a sign of early danger. Go ahead!! These digital currencies also include a very strong currency. According to an estimate, fifty percent of people around the world have shifted to this digital currency and in the coming periods, about 90 percent of people will shift to this digital currency. I'm talking about the *cryptocurrency* of course BitcoinThe reason why I claim 90% of people will shift to this digital currency, including the Coin Nexa Coin Blockchain and Unlimited Coins, is that the public will be attracted to it by the countless Platform Free Coin Free Token Free Airdrops. And for the past few years these currencies have introduced the term *stacking*done which gives rise to your digital currency

According to the world's research and research,

this digital currency is the most secure, which means that no one can steal or hack it, while there are clear possibilities of hacking a bank account, compared to this, the security of digital currency is strict. I think it's really the safest but for a few decades (you decide). After reading the complete text)

The whole world agrees that this digital currency

is indeed the safest and it is also clear that no bank, country or organization in the world owns cryptocurrency yet (it is surprising that a currency It is considered the safest, but its mother and father are none 🤪🤪). Reserves mean that whatever currency notes are in use, the country has reserves of gold, silver and minerals of such a value that the value of the country's notes is known, the more these reserves the country has. Sometimes its currency note is as expensive as the dollar or dirham against the rupeeThese reserves are called currency reserves

Now let's come back to digital cryptocurrencies

Crypto currency has become the safest currency in the world, the strongest currency and now the most expensive currency, but then surprisingly its currency reserve is absolutely zero (O Tere Di). 

After all,

how can it be that crypto currency is not under any organization, no one controls it, it has no controller anymore but!!!! I can confidently say that after a few decades or even a century when the entire junta shifts to him completely, the controller will be Kani Ankhwala through which Kani Ankhwala's followers are working day and night. are and are making everyone, including me, a member of this campaign

Now it's up to you to consider cryptocurrency as a profitable business or an organized evil conspiracy

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