Delivering Baby at home | Here is how

Humans are living the most modern life where everything is getting easier and simple. People are now more conscious about building their careers except for health issues.


As we all know that everything is available on our mobile phones. But to use it you may need to have pre-knowledge of things.


This goes with pre-birth and home births. Though most cases are handled in hospitals according to research, an immense number of babies are born at home or in the car.


It’s not a big deal that you start getting labor symptoms earlier than you expected. So, the circumstances can change anytime, what’s needed is staying conscious about everything.


This is why today we are here to make sure that every newborn comes to life. Most newborn dies due to a lack of knowledge in delivering on their own.


Sometimes people use their traditional methods and sometimes they don’t know how to tackle complicated situations.


Here is what to do when you are about to give birth and after birth;

·         Let your main door open for help before it goes extreme.

·         Bring some mats and blankets nearer to you.

·         Dial a call earlier than it goes extreme.

·         Now find a proper place to lay down and put everything nearer to you.

·         Now take deep breaths and try to be on call with any of your expert friends or mother.

·         Conversate with her and take guidance.

·         Now put off your clothes and undergarments.

·         Give a gentle pressure to outside with deep breaths.

·         Keep pushing and breathing, also try to stay calm during delivery. Everything is alright and normal.

·         Now once the baby is out congrats!! Just put your baby on your stomach or belly to let him/her heat.

·         Cover both of yourself with a blanket and don’t cut off the cord until the delivery of the placenta.

·         Lay there and wait for medical help to arrive, they shall manage to cut it off and do their best to save you and your baby.


Giving birth is a natural process that needs guidance and knowledge. Therefore, keep yourself and your partner educated about home births and also hospital deliveries.


Coming toward the after-birth tasks, first, you need to make sure that your baby is breathing. If he/ she doesn’t breathe, give a slighter tap on the backside of the neck. If still not breathing, tap on his/her chest, if it doesn’t work then try mouth breathing, and surely it would work.


The second thing is blood clotting to stop blood loss. If you think that blood is not clotting, no worries here is a simple solution. Just start feeding your babe and everything would be alright. When you feed your baby it produces special gases and chemicals that let it heal and make clots to stop bleeding.

white and red tissue paper

Again repeating, don’t try to cut off the cord from babe until the placenta is delivered. If it is not delivered, no worries it's not harmful if it stays inside the uterus until the medical assistance is there.


Also, try not to pull out the placenta by pulling the chord. If the chord is no longer enough to feed your babe, no problem just let him/her crying and wait for help.

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