Dating applications usage is increasing with alarming ratio in 2022

Human socialization is expanding with many new improvements. In earlier times, we believe to sit in the physical get-together and discuss different issues of life and share happiness.


But now we are digitized and believe in WhatsApp groups to discuss everything. The way of living is changing throughout the human being. The development of social media is highly impacting our lives.


The root cause behind increasing sexual cases and rape cases is the use of social media. Different social integration apps like tinder, hinge, and bumble is causing the spread of sexuality.


This is why the usage of these social apps is increasing with a tremendous ratio. In January, there was a 20% increment in users of these dating apps.


Now, what is pulling them to these applications? Is it helping them get social knowledge? Is it making them connect with their family members?


Obviously no, these are the only platforms to supply the easier mode of intermittent moments. We usually consider rape as an act of doing sex against the consent of a girl. But isn’t it also a rape to make shorter time relation, do sex, and then separate the ways.


The mean of love is changing for today’s generation. Maybe many people disagree with me but it’s a fact. People are now taking aid of “love” for fulfilling their personal intention.


Today, there are more cases reported about rape, miscarriages, child found on roads, and trash bins.


Is it the value of humans, we are looking for? This is why I mentioned it as alarming.


According to me, governments should ban these applications. As there are also possible ways to find your true life partner by meeting and spending time with someone nearer and dearer.


How do two people from different countries just chat and call fall in true love? So, I would request all to avoid these applications and prioritize the physical meet-ups and bonding.

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