Different cultures of Pakistan


Pakistan is a culturally rich country. Pakistan is a country with mixed cultures and traditions. Pakistan has four provinces each of which indicates different cultures, languages, customs, and etiquettes. 

The beauty of every country lies in its culture and this is the thing that makes it different and unique. The four provinces of Pakistan include Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK. 


 Sindhi culture:

Sindh is located on the southern border of Pakistan. The Sindhi language has its own importance. It is an ancient language spoken in Pakistan and in many other areas of the world as well. Sindhi is spoken by 41 million people in Pakistan. People in India also speak Sindhi which includes approximately 12 million people. It is the second most spoken language in Pakistan. It is related to Sanskrit because approximately 70% of the words in Sindhi are of Sanskrit origin. Sindhi art is also very famous in a lot of countries because of its rich vibrant colors. Sindhi music holds its own value as well. People celebrate their events with full enthusiasm. Bhagat dance is famous among Sindhi people at local festivals especially eid-ul-Fitr and eid-ul-azha. Sindhi dresses hold their own value Sindhi ajrak and Sindhi topi are most famous all over the world due to their unique print and embroidery. Sindhi literature is famous for writing Arab histories. Sidhi was the oldest east language in which the Quran was translated for the first time. The family system holds a lot of place in Sindhi culture; mostly in rural areas people live mostly in joint family systems but in modern areas and cities such as Karachi people live separately in buildings and houses. Sindhi food is famous all over the world especially the world-famous Sindhi Biryani.


Balochi culture:

Balochistan has a 12.34 Million population. Balochi people are mostly of "Iranian" origin. Most of the people living in Balochistan are immigrants from Afghanistan, India, Iran, etc. They mostly speak Balochi but there is a huge community of people who speak the Pashto language as well. Balochistan makes 3.6% of the Pakistani population which is occupied by 2% Afghans and by 2% Iranian people. The sports that they play include chaik, Ji, wrestling, horse racing, shooting, hunting, card games, and gambling. The most famous food in Balochistan is sajji. It is a rice dish with desi spices with a big chunk of meat infused with spices on top of rice. Sajji is mostly cooked in a hole underground with the help of coal. Balochi dance types include dochaap, Lewa,latti, and hambo. Balochis also have their own traditional or cultural wedding songs includingnazenk and salonk. Musical instruments used on special events are fluet(locally called Nal), Tambura, and soroz. Festival makes Balochis happy there are special events conducted by Balochi people including sibbi festival, handicrafts stall, cattle shows, and buzkashi. Dressing wise Balochi culture is very rich. Dresses worn by men are turban, kameez, and loose shalwar. While women wear shirts with big pockets and heavy embroidery. Mirror work is quite famous in Balochistan. 


 Punjabi culture:    

Punjabi culture is considered the sweetest culture in the world. Punjabis speak the Punjabi language which is the sweetest language. Punjabi people mostly wear shalwar kameez with a paranda which is a hair accessory worn by females. Men's mostly wear kurta with lacha which is a piece of cloth basically used to tie around your waist. Punjabi poetry is known as one of the best in the world. Punjabi poet baba bulleh shah is known for his best work in the field of Punjabi poetry.


KPK culture:          

Khyber pakhtun khwa known as KPK is a land of Pashtun people who speak Pashto. The people of KPK are very hospitable and sweet, especially to foreigners. It is located in the north-western region of Pakistan. The Afghan border is also associated with KPK. KPK is known as one of the most beautiful provinces of Pakistan because of its mountain ranges. Peshawar is the capital of KPK also known as the city of flowers. Pashtun people have different classes including kulak,rangi, Gujar,mian. Polo is famous in KPK but people also play other sports such as cricket, football, buzkashi. Pashtun clothing is very unique which consists of partoogkorteh, pakul (Pashtun hat), and long dresses and frocks for women. Their dance forms include attan, kathak, mashed, and Waziri. Pashto music is mostly classical; the instruments used are rabab, sitar, tabla, harmonium, flute. Pushtun food is a delicious treat for tourists. Their specialties include Kabuli pulao,pokhteh,naray ghwakha, seekh kebab,shami kebab,shinwari tikka,dumba karahi, and roasted lamb, special long naans, suji ka halwa, serge,kahwa, chappal kebab. Pakhtun people celebrate their festivals with full heart and joy. Their festivals include gham khadi,wada koi dana,topak tamacha, hujra,kat-bistara,sheeshbeeyeh, etc.  

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