Cruelty is touching the peaks with another Honor killing case in Baghdad!

We as a human are becoming more worst than animals. Even the dirtiest creatures Pigs are better than us. At least they don’t keep on being Alpha all the time and there is no issue of honor in them.


Honor is not being superior and masculine, we have other social values which create one’s honor. 


But unfortunately, our scales of honor have been changed. We think that if you are sexually established, you are honored. While this is nothing but an ill-mindedness.


A case in this context happened in Baghdad where a brother killed his brother for gender change. Gender change is our social right and we are born freely. No one has the right to overcome or rule on someone’s body.


But this thing is not still accepted by all in the world. Basically, that man was a makeup artist and have a greater influence of the female gender on him. He kept on updating his social media to wish to become a female.


Therefore, he tried and asked for surgery to change his gender to female. After surgery, though he changed to a female but also borrowed enmity from his family.


The whole family decided to kill her as it was causing an anti honor for them. Thus his elder brother killed him and ran away.


But the surprising and pathetic thing is that his own family reported about his murder and told him the location. Also, they accepted that this murder happened with their own consent.


Police have filed a case and showed some chances that the accuser has left the country. The whole family is silent and no one is raising their voice to stand for her.

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