Crime and poverty

"Poverty can lead to a high level of stress that in turn may lead individuals to commit theft, robbery and other violent act."

Taylor Blake

Money is the root of a variety of issues in life, as well as a tool for measuring success and a person's personality. Money has the power to dehumanize us, lead us down a path of criminal passion, and hinder the normal growth of society. In reality, poverty is the main factor in a wide range of crimes, including robbery, murder, human trafficking, and the sale of illegal goods.

The root cause of the development of crimes:

Poor people are initially less able approach to job training, good life, higher education, and skills.  They are more likely to be unemployed or working part-time. They live in areas with a high gang presence and drug abuse. Growing up in such conditions increases the chance of committing such crimes because of the hopelessness, frustration, and rage that such circumstances foster. Many people opted for the profitable drug distribution industry over the minimum wage job because it allowed them to rise out of poverty. These elements may make poverty more likely to result in an uptick in criminal conduct.

In addition, a lot of the destitute regard crime as the only way out. Someone may turn to criminal actions that seem unnecessary when they are constantly striving to make ends meet. You might turn to theft to support your family if your kids are starving and you do not have sufficient money to feed them. If you find it difficult to pay your rent, you could think that the only way out of homelessness is to earn money through illegal activity. 

Last but not least, individuals who have a lot of assets will take advantage of the poor because they have almost no authority. For instance, a lot of underprivileged young girls are convinced to work in illegal prostitution businesses like restaurants and bars under the impression that this is the most enjoyable way for them to make money. The criminal rich employ the poor as a means of profit, and when the poor are imprisoned, they remain in the background and use their influence and wealth to remove all crime. The majority of the poor have a limited view and are easily fooled into believing that they can simply make a lot of money quickly.

The difference between poor and wealthy families

In Pakistan, it is a usual practice for anyone from a wealthy family to fly through every stage of life, regardless of how hard those years may have been. However, have we ever thought about those without a solid foundation? Who doesn't come from a wealthy family? Who doesn't have someone who can support them? and the straightforward response to this challenging issue is NO. As Muslims and Pakistanis, we should begin to think about how we might answer these questions and offer compelling solutions. Since the world is ruled by money, practically every criminal activity is driven by the desire to become wealthy at whatever cost. Offenders typically do not think about the consequences of their acts or the fact that they will eventually have to pay for everything they have done; rather, they are focused on reaching their goal of making a large amount of money to leave poverty and enjoy life. 

Deprived of rights and engaging in crimes

The issue of class division between both poor and rich is getting more and worse in today's society. Each group has its prejudices and partial perspectives of the other if they compare those issues to their own beliefs. As a result, there is much discussion on social networking sites over whether the rich get richer and the poor only get poorer in today's society. According to research, children growing up in poorer families with low socioeconomic status are more likely to experience unhealthy levels of stress. Only around 5% of this type of group, in my opinion, could develop their reputation in this favorable and bribe-filled environment. This is because they are fortunate enough to receive assistance when they are in need, what about the other 95% of people? What do they do? how do they manage their way of life? what challenges do they encounter? And finally, what do they do to deal with these intense tensions? The majority of them engage in criminal activity. Although they begin at a low level, they eventually rise to a point where they pose a threat to others and even the entire country.

No implementation of Laws

In our nation, however, we have made wonderful laws or rules, but we don't enforce them to that extent, and this is where the poverty plant begins to develop because if we obey the regulations, the high law enforcement agencies start to implement them, then everyone will have their rights regardless of whether they are rich or poor. 


Responsibility of government:

In general, I think that governments can tackle poverty and rising crime rates by putting in place the right policies. Governments should inform and educate people about the different legal ways they can make money in other moral ways. If everyone had greater opportunities and livable social conditions, poverty-related crime would not take place. The underprivileged population will have better opportunities to let people know they exist and have the skills to project a positive image. Since we are all a part of this flawed system, we also have a responsibility to change ourselves before we can change the government. However, the function of government is much more crucial than ours. While we cannot fix all of the world's issues, we can assist disadvantaged children to grow by providing them with school supplies, winter jackets, boots, and other necessities. 


Final thoughts

What I can recommend is that to deal with this issue, we should take into account each individual's talent, work ethic, honesty, etc. rather than just their illustrious past. Therefore, to a certain extent, this step aids in boosting low-level confidence, and as a result, the likelihood of crime may be reduced. A wonderful statement made by a famous scholar was:


Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.






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