Cricket battle 2021(Pakistan vs India)

Cricket battle 2021(Pakistan vs India)

India vs Pakistan is the biggest battle in sports, especially in cricket. Pakistan vs India matches are world-famous and fabs wait for it for so long. These matches bring joy to cricket lovers. The recent match which happened between both the countries was ICC twenty twenty world cup 2021 on 24 October 2021. This match was the most-watched match in the history of the twenty-twenty world cup. This match was won by Pakistan hence it was full of excitement for Pakistani fans on the other hand Indian fans were completely disappointed by this. Babar Azam was the captain of Pakistan and Virat Kholi was the captain of India. 


Enthusiastic Fans :

 Fans of both countries consider it as a matter of life and death. Indian and Pakistani cricket fans fight over the internet and social media. This year the Indian team lost by ten wickets which was a big loss for the Indian cricket team and fans were very disappointed and it was difficult for them to accept this defeat. There is a lot of history behind fan reactions. This teasing session of fans because of Pakistan vs India continues on Twitter. These fights trend on Twitter hence other people also take part in them. Not only Indians and Pakistanis but people of other countries also participate in this supporting their favorite teams. Indian fans sometimes become abusive towards their players and some break their television screens due to their anger issues. This year Indian fans targeted a Muslim player showing their rage and anger toward Muslims which was such a pathetic thing to do. Members also make a lot of memes and show their talent.

This year Pakistanis enjoyed a lot celebrating their win by making the yummiest dishes, playing music, and bursting fireworks. 


Before this match people prepare themselves by freeing themselves from any work, youngsters complete their homework on time and stick to tv screens. A Lot of screenings happen on national and international levels. Each and every moment of this match is an emotional outburst. People with less emotional courage and people cry many times during the match depending on the situation happening.


Pakistan and India are considered the biggest enemies. The political conditions between both the countries are not so good so as a result people have a lot of pent-up hate in their hearts. The main reason for this hate is the Kashmir issue. Kashmir is occupied by India which was supposed to be part of Pakistan hence this hate. This battle is not new, this is a pent-up frustration of people for years.


Players who participated this year:

This year the players who played from the Indian side were:

  1. Virat Kohli

  2. Rohit Sharma

  3. KL Rahul

  4. Rishab Pant

  5. Ravindra Jadeja

  6. Muhammad Shami

  7. Hardik Pandya

  8. Jasprit bumra 

  9. Kuldeep Yadav

  10. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

  11. Mayank Agarwal


 This year the players who played from the Pakistani side were:


1- Babar Azam

2- Shoaib Malik

3- Shadab Khan 

4- Imad Wasim

5- Hassan Ali

6-Haris Rauf

7- Muhammad Rizwan

8- Shaheen Afridi

9- Muhammad Hafiz

10- Asif Ali

11- Fakhar zaman 




Pakistan vs India is the most intense rivalry in the world of cricket. Both the nations are not on good terms and the main reason is the partition issue held in 1947.


The first match was played in 1952 on 16-19 Oct which was a test match. The first ODI match was played in 1978 on first October and the first twenty-twenty matches were played in 2007 on 14 September. 


The latest test match played by both teams was in 2007 on 8-12 December. The latest ODI match was in 2019 on 16 June. And the latest twenty 20 matches were played on 24 Oct of this year.


Most wins are under Pakistan. Total test matches played between both the countries are 59 out of which Pakistan won 12 and India won 9 rest of the matches were drawn or declined. The total number of ODI matches is 132 out of which Pakistan won 73 and India won 55. A total number of twenty-twenty matches is 9 out of which Pakistan won 6 and India won 2. 


Why was the Pakistani team unbeatable this year?

Following are the five reasons Pakistan was an undefeated and beatable  team this year:

1- Paksitans are experienced in playing on 

Dubai ground 

2- The match made in heaven (Babar and Rizwan)

3- Absence of dhoni from the Indian side

4- Under pressure Indian captain Virat Kohli

5- Great strategy of the Pakistani team 

6- Poor Indian bowling order 



Misleading Indian Media:


Indian media is like a knife hanging on your head. They pressurize the players by making stupid headlines just to gain ratings. Indian media is seriously doing no good for their country by spreading hate and using sensitive language. They usually manipulate the statements of Pakistani people and sports analysts and use them for their own good. Indian media mislead their audience to another extent. After getting wrong information from their media, Indians burst their anger on social media by using abusive language or by threatening the players. Some crazy fans also visit airports just to humiliate players coming back to their country after losing. All that we learn from all this is that cricket is just a game not a battle of life one has to win and one has to lose so take it easy and show some sportsman spirit.


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