Breaking the Chains: Eradicating Child Labor for a Brighter Future


What is child Labor?

The term “child labor” is often described as work that deprives youngsters of their youth, their potential, and their dignity, and this is dangerous to physical and intellectual development. It refers to work that: is mentally, bodily, socially, or morally dangerous and dangerous to children.

Child labor means the employment of children who have not reached the legal age for working.

This is very shameful that even in the modern age of advancement millions of children are under the heavy burden of work when they are supposed to be learning at school.

Our country is not the only one to have been suffering from the curse of child labor. It exists all over the world.

Child labor has existed to various extents throughout records. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many kids aged five–14 from poorer households labored in Western nations and their colonies alike. Those youngsters in particular labored in agriculture, domestic-based meeting operations, factories, mining, and services such as news boys – a few labored night shifts lasting 12 hours. With the upward push of household profits, availability of schools, and passage of infant labor laws, the prevalence prices of child labor fell.

In the arena's poorest international locations, around one in four kids are engaged in child labor, the highest quantity of whom (29 percent) live in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2017, 4 African international locations (Mali, Benin, Chad, and Guinea-Bissau) witnessed over 50 percent of children aged 5–14 operating. Global agriculture is the largest agency of baby labor. The sizeable majority of infant labor is determined in rural settings and casual city economies; children are predominantly hired by using their dad and mom, in preference to factories. Poverty and the shortage of colleges are considered the number one reason for child labor.

Due to poverty, the children have to work like adults from very young ages. This apart from destroying their future also affects their health very badly.

The government of Pakistan like the government of many other counties has made strict laws against it. Employing a child for work that is not suitable for them is now a crime. Although the situation is much better now still there are numerous child laborers hidden in many corners of the world.

Now, we must consider the fact that directly or indirectly we are the creators of child labor and only we have the power to get rid of it if we work together.


Child labor and exploitation are the results of many elements, consisting of poverty, social norms condoning them, lack of first-rate work opportunities for adults and young people, migration, and emergencies. These factors are not handiest the motive however additionally an effect of social inequities reinforced by way of discrimination. Infant labor persists even though legal guidelines and standards to cast off it exists. Modern-day causes of global infant exertions are similar to its causes within the U.S. One hundred years ago, along with poverty, limited get admission to training, repression of employees' rights, and prohibitions on child labor.


The effects are surprising. Child labor can bring about extreme physical and intellectual damage, or even death. It can cause slavery and sexual or financial exploitation. And in nearly every case, it cuts kids off from education and health care, limiting their fundamental rights and perilous their futures.

Women and boys frequently begin carrying out unsafe paintings at very early ages while their bodies and minds are nonetheless developing. Such labor can divulge them to operate with dangerous machinery or in dangerous industries like mining, production, and production. Some sorts of labor divulge children to risky substances which could shorten her/his lifespan.

International, the ILO estimates that a few 22,000 youngsters are killed at work every 12 months. 4 The numbers of these injured or made sick due to their work are not recognized.

How can I help a Victim of Child Labor?

At Compassion, we believe in the dignity and sanctity of every child. We trust that whether a child is operating in the mines of Africa, the fields of Mexico, or the factories in India, they deserve shielding.

Our surprisingly vulnerable children fund especially objectives for children who are at risk of exploitation. Together we can fight for the human rights of the child by way of offering healthy nutrients, educational materials, and a secure bodily environment to study and develop. We arcanely build their vanity and self-admire. Educate parents to forestall the cycle of abuse. Inspire these little ones to refuse the lies of worthlessness. Nurture a child’s confidence in a loving God. Open more opportunities for destiny.

While you deliver to the Compassion fund for surprisingly susceptible youngsters you accuse a little one of baby hard work, abuse, exploitation, trafficking, desertion, and homelessness.

Compassion works with neighborhood churches in our international groups to help these noticeably prone youngsters and combat their rights. We offer foster care, trauma counseling, refuge, and legal help.

When you deliver to the notably inclined kids fund you provide a lifeline of hope. Your donation will help church buildings accomplice with Compassion to intrude with the lifestyles-saving resource to youngsters who're in a battle for survival and protection.

Help prevent child labor before it starts. Donate today!


Therefore,  thinking about the future of the world we must take care of children and give them what they deserve.


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