Changing a web hosting service provider

There are millions of web hosting companies offering different pricing and plans. But most of the time, you have to deal with bad experiences in a hosting company.

So, if you are looking to change your web hosting service provider, here is how;


Changing your hosting could be a day-long task and it demands effort. But it is not as complex as you think. There are just basic things to consider to avoid any inconvenience at the end.


Transition is a step that interrupts the setting of DNS, FTP email account, and other things associated with your hosting account. Therefore, keep in mind that you need to keep your existing hosting and new one active. Doing this would help you stay active and in action to avoid a bad customer experience.


Now, this is a step to choose another hosting provider company. Make sure that this time you are checking everything associated with your needs and demands. Some of the basic things could be the type of operating system.

you must be careful to choose the operating system of your plan as it would help in speed-boosting the smooth working of your website. Thus, if your website I build on window-centric technology, choose window hosting otherwise Linux is the best option.


 Identifying space and bandwidth is also necessary. As you are now about to take the backup of your whole website data. If your existing company has offered you FTP (file transfer protocol) you can easily download all your data and upload it with the sequence you stored it.

But if you are using free hosting services with site makers like and, it wouldn’t be possible for you to take backup of your data. Thus, you need to recreate all the files on your new hosting service.

Now it comes to setting email addresses. Make sure that you are setting the same email addresses to avoid loss of customers and other issues. When you complete this process within uploading your file, visit your hosting panel to make changes in the domain name server.


Buying a new hosting service would demand a change in DNS which could be done manually by the hosting panel. It would take 24 hours or even 48 to complete the whole setup for a new hosting service. Once it is completed, you can go back to cancel the previous hosting plan and address.

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