Build Your Self Confidence in simple 6 steps

Human personality consists of different factors that contribute to our development. One of the most important factors among all factors is self-confidence.


Self-confidence is what makes you stand out among all. Self-confidence plays a vital role in our lives by providing a whole road map. One can become daring enough to tackle different things.


Our whole life is drawn out by self-confidence in different scenarios. For instance, when we are not daring enough to deal with bad times, people’s discourses matters to us. We took things personally and starts bothering ourselves with unnecessary things.


You can simply say that self-confidence decides the happiness in our lives. But there is an issue that not all people get it by birth.


Some have to pay some time and effort to fully grasps it. It could be achieved easily by applying some common standards of living which are usually taken as serious or compulsory.


Once you start degrading yourself according to others, it keeps on impacting your life decisions. This is why today we are going to discuss 6 simple steps to build a stronger grip over self-confidence.

Let’s start with it;


  • Jot down your wins and loses

When it comes to self-confidence, failure is what largely impacts it. This is why people usually forget about their success and just focus on failure.


To deal with that thing, start making notes of your wins and losses. Surely, you would get a bundle of successes along with some failures. Those wins are there to take your self confidence to a next level.


It doesn’t matter if those wins were making tea or a simple omelet. Win or success is what you achieved with your struggle so always emphasize wins and also learn from failures.


This would lead you to build your self-confidence and take yourself to the next level.


  • Start building a positive conversation

Our thoughts and topics of discourses decide about our mentality. If we continue to talk about negativity and failure, we can’t get on positivity and success.


This is why it is important to build positivity in your life. This is quite easier by following a simple rule. Always neglect negative words from your discourses. Start discussing positivity in friends' gossip.


This easier step would slowly but surely build positivity in you. And having a positive attitude and mindset is a greater step toward building self-confidence.


  • Make your opinions

Start making your opinions for every discussion or issue going around you. For some time, people may not listen to you. But within some days, you would become the root of advice.


Attentions come by attraction, so start attracting people with high moral opinions. First listen, brainstorm and then present the best of your opinion and I’m damn sure it will work.


  • Stay motivated

A highly considered factor in building self-confidence is motivation. There are two types of intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.


The most important one is intrinsic motivation because it comes from your mind. When you are determined to change yourself and glued with ambitions, you always motivate yourself.


Extrinsic motivation is what comes by listening to someone expert. But it could be for a shorter time period. Always stay motivated with intrinsic motivation.


  • Find out your talent and skills

We, humans, are all born with some hidden talent and skills. All it needs is digging out and polishing. So don’t say that you are a waste and worth nothing. Dear! God has sent you on earth for some reason and with some plan.


So don’t be negative, be a winner and dug out your hidden talent. Once you find it, start polishing and see the magical growth of your life.


  • Make approachable goals

Having a greater mind is a blessing but always working smartly is success promising. Don’t start bothering yourself with the things which are unapproachable at the moment.


One can take themselves to the level of long-term success by starting with a minor goal. It doesn’t matter if you have planned for a massive achievement, divide it into parts.


Start working on each part and get success. Keep on planning and smart work and have faith in yourself. Leave the rest at God Almighty, he knows how to make things approachable for you.

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