Bike prices are increasing to unaffordable levels!!

It is becoming a new normal that the Pakistan market can’t maintain secure rates. We are living in an unstable condition where the prices can go surprisingly up and down at any time.


But in the current government of Pakistan, the prices of every item either eatable or wearable is getting unaffordable. Especially, the bike prices which are hitting the clouds with an immense difference.


Though the increased rates are proportional to the dollar rates and the taxation over the import. But why price increment in the locally manufactured bikes.

orange and black sports bike parked on gray concrete pavement during daytime

In recent days, a company name Yamaha increased their bike prices of all the models. This act provokes anger in Yamaha fans. But the declaration by the company was quite clear.


Now after Yamaha and other companies including Honda and Suzuki have increased their prices with an immense difference. The bikes which were selling at the rate of 75 thousand are no more than 80 and also selling in black rates.

blue and white sports bike

Though increasing rates for imported bikes is not a big issue but the local units are also touching clouds. This should be considered by the government and take strong steps against the black sellers. Also, the public should avoid purchasing new models for some time.


Other than boycotting bikes purchases, there is no effective solution to prevent these local vendors from selling bikes at peak rates. So raise your voice against price hiking of local units.

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