Best PC games to play in 2021

Being a gamer, it's a lot of fun to play a variety of games. Especially in the recent pandemic situation, the only thing that helped people in avoiding depression was free online games.


The gaming industry has also emerged in recent years and is now investing in bringing about the best among the crowd. Therefore, today we can get a bundle of games in different categories. But without wasting our time and space trying all downloadable pc games, why shouldn't we grasp on best?


Thus if you are striving to get the best pc games in 2020 or 2021, congrats! You landed in the right spot. Today, we are going to discuss top pc games that would make your spare moments the most precious ones.


There is no ranking system for any of these games. As we were bothering the end-user experience, therefore, our collection consists of best-racing pc games and all other games. 


Here we go;


Life is strange: True colours

After the release of the free city movie, people started searching for this free city game. They started believing that in the future there 2would be some games that can be played freely and living their own lives. Thus to emphasize some reality-based games, the name of life is strange: true colours come in everyone's mind.

 Life is Strange: True Colors Free Download - RepackLab

This game could be said as one of the best free downloadable games for pc due to the storyline of this game. There is a protagonist who advances throughout the game with subtle powers. He primarily investigated the murder of his brother. Therefore, the game is interesting with missions, races and many street crime events.



For the people who like kingship games or games pictured in clans, the best one could be Hades. This game carries a simple phenomenon of escaping from a clan and surviving against the cruel ruler.


Making it all of the best games with stuffed graphics and quality missions, you can enjoy it a lot. What makes it enter the list of offline games for pc is its irreversible death. 

 Hades PS4 — buy online and track price history — PS Deals USA

Suppose you are trying to escape once and die by others, you won't be starting from the last checkpoint. This is what makes Hades one of the best games to play in 2021.



When it comes to free online games for pc, no one can deny the role of rockstar studios. They made our childhood full of fun with their initial GTA vice city game. But after repeated versions, one who got the best reputation as shooting games for pc or online racing games is GTA V. 


I believe that more than 90% of Youth had tried this game once to check if it is best from GTA vice city. GTA V becomes best due to the largest map used and also a lot of functions. The most appealing one was playing as multiplayer. Now gamers can enjoy it as a shooting game as well. So among all the time games, GTA V has its standard.


The Witcher 3 wild hunter 

According to my understandings, the witcher 3 wild hunter game is calibrated from the movie Witch hunter. If you watched that movie you would come to know that how interesting the plot was.

 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Website

Something similar comes here in this top pc game to play right now. This game is developed in Jungles making your player competitive enough to face challenges and kill Witches.  Being the most adventurous game of all time the witcher 3 won the best place among all-time games. 


Note: Play this game at your own risk as it may become addictive to you or your young ones. 



Alan wake Remastered


What makes gaming, a field of immersive interest? Their graphics and the realistic based storyline. So here in Alan wake you get all as it could be ranked for best shooting games for pc. 


When we watch its trailer it was looking like a mission-based shooting game. But after getting all the end-users comments we got to know that it's something beyond casual. You have to play the protagonist character of Alan who is struggling to find out his wife missed. On his way to this mission, he faces a lot of dark sides of society. 

 Alan Wake Remastered review: Bringing a great game back into the light |  Windows Central

In those dark areas, alan has to kill all the enemies and make it brighter with the light bursts. So it could also be said as a strategic game to play right now. For more in-depth information about the tactics of this best pc game, download it and start playing. It may contain in-game purchases so be careful while downloading.



Final verdict 

Technology is becoming the root of our lives. We can't suppose live without it. Days and months are changing but technology is still holding its place among us. Therefore being a game is not a crime. But playing games in childhood with addiction may become a task of neck-breaking.  Therefore be careful while playing games and allowing your children to use gaming pc.

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