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Number one on today's list is Disney sorcerers arena which is fun and it's another one of those turn-based RPGs that you should try and I mean who doesn't love a little bit of Disney in their life. We all remember those days or maybe you want to play this one with your kids turn-based strategy game, that's completely taking in the love that we all have for Disney. Choose your favorite characters as you would in the others give them a shot and see if your kids would like playing along with you. If you happen to be a parent a really fun game that just brings in that Disney element.

Glu Mobile gets ready to launch Disney Sorcerer's Arena mobile game |  VentureBeat

You could battle in some PVP using Ursula or maybe you want to just be collecting. All of the different characters that you can I mean we are talking about a hero collector here guys and once you get the team that you are ready to go to battle with you will dominate, like magic mickey is telling us right here but it's all about teamwork you gotta hook up with your teammates work together and enjoy the end game here in Disney sorcerer's arena.



Number two we have a3 still alive, which is going to satisfy your action rpg needs. If you like hacking and slashing action rpgs and you like mobile games a3 is the one for you. Yes diablo immortal is incoming this is one that can hold you over in the meantime not only doing what we typically know from action rpgs but also implementing a battle royale mode that's so much fun. The graphics are standard from what we're used to and the combat is pretty natural feeling. It actually works really well on mobile but the highlight of this game is like i said that battle royale mode which we've never seen before on action rpg mobile games, so it's bringing something brand new to the scene. If you haven't tried out that game mode in this genre it's something you just have to do you have the test it out and see. If it's something that you're into battle these big monsters with a control scheme that you're probably already comfortable with, it's worth giving a shot. It's a lot of fun and it's something that you could play while you wait for diablo immortal. So how do we talk about turn-based rpgs without mentioning rage shadow legends.



Coming in at number three on today's list is just that rage out of legends and this is going to take you into a fantasy world with graphics, that are pretty on point. It's an extremely fun game to play another one of your turn-based strategy games with really diverse characters. The bosses are op another one of those turn-based strategies that's on today's list I believe we actually have four of them here today this being probably the most popular of all of them on the list.

But i want to remind you being the most popular doesn't mean that it's the best and i am not saying that rage shadow legends is not solid because it is an amazing game but that does not make anything  that we mentioned earlier less of a game. It just happens to be less popular marvel strike force dragon champions even the disney one we mentioned before all solid games within this genre and you could try them all. Give them all a shot see which one fits your play style. The most see which one you just feel the most comfortable playing and then that could be the one that you invest your time into.



Number four we have shop titans which is a nice idle game that you're going to be simulating. The development of a city the progression of your characters as well now shop titans, may look a little bit cartoony to you but don't worry this game is a ton of fun. The customization options are on point and this is an extremely popular game on mobile. I believe it's even on steam and on bluestacks so really guys one that you ought to give an opportunity to, if you like leveling up your city leveling up your characters and building them out to perform the way that you want it's a lot of fun different than any other game from today's list and you know maybe you'll like it and again within this genre you worry and you focus on your crafting, crafting your gear, crafting your weapons of course you're going to be collecting loot, that's just how we do on the mobile platform and you're gonna join the guild. So that you could play with others remember these games really thrive on the ability to play with friends and then you get to build up your fantasy shop and even get a pet, i mean come on if you can get a pet why wouldn't you want to play this game it's on point i think you'll enjoy it




The final game on today's list is identity five a game that's scary and needed to be on the list and you need to ask yourself are you a hunter? or a survivor?. You're gonna be the hunter trying to hunt down the four survivors that are there on the map or a survivor trying to decipher and decode to get the gates open and escape, But If you look at these puppets these characters are all really creepy looking and when you play it kind of brings you into this scary and creepy world and it's going to make you look over your shoulder. When you're trying to get out of the world unless if you're the hunter then maybe you'll feel a little bit more comfortable. Now identity 5 is not a brand new game but it's one that i've played a lot  and really did enjoy. When i did it's the only horror style game that we have on today's list and i really think it's deserving again it's great because this game is available not only on mobile but also on bluestacks. If you'd rather play in your computer whether it be marvel strike force dragon champions, rise of kingdoms, cod, mobile state of survival, disney's sorcerer's, arena a3, still alive, rage shadow, legends shop titans or identity five there is a game on today's list that you will enjoy again.



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