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Google's recently unveiled Pixel phones have a lot How Google's Pixel 8 revolutionizes Android going for them but don't be duped by their glossy finishes advanced cameras and AI features All of that is wonderful and good yes and that may be what persuades.

Some common creatures who buy phones choose a Pixel over all the other rectangle shaped options what distinguishes Google's most recent Pixel phones though is something that is not immediately apparent A regular person wandering into a carrier store probably won't be even slightly aware of it But from a platform and even industry wide viewpoint it's a component of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro that is without a doubt the most significant and crucial.

How to Change from an iPhone to an Android

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It has to do with the fact that these two Google built phones offer an unprecedented level of post purchase software support Especially in light of all the much more eye catching advertising friendly features the devices offer it might not seem like earth shattering news.

But there's no denying it This is the biggest update to Android in the past 10 years Whether you use a Google Pixel handset or not it could have a significant impact on how you purchase phones in the future.

The promise of Google's Pixel 8

In case you missed it Google has announced that it would provide its new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones with 7 years worth of OS system updates as well as seven full years worth of security updates feature updates and general support.

In contrast Pixel phones currently receive five years of security upgrades in addition to three years of OS updates In other words Google has more than quadrupled the recommended maximum lifespan of its flagship phones while keeping the price below the market leader.

Now for some background Google's Pixels were already at the top of their game regarding Android upgrade dependability You can learn everything you need to know about that from my annual Android Upgrade Report Card analyses Regardless of whether the device in question is the most recent model.

Second gen Version or Even a 3 years Old Pixel Google consistently gets every Android operating system update into the hands of its Pixel owners within days often even hours of the software's release while practically every other Android phone maker fails with delays ranging from a few months to occasionally well over a year.

Google Software Support

Therefore when it comes to the timeliness of software support Google has always been in the front But it has been stuck on this 3 years window for endurance for far too long which is a liability because it gives the impression that Android phones can't support as much life as iPhones Heck even Samsung began offering 4 years of OS updates to many of its Galaxy models last year Samsung is significantly slower and less dependable with those deliveries and, on top of that switches to a quarterly model for its security patches starting in a phone's third year that contrast isn't exactly favorable for Google as the platform's primary keeper.

OS Upgrade On Android

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Since what constitutes an OS upgrade on Android differs greatly from what you find on iOS the Apple comparison is also very inaccurate The short version is that Google releases many system level components as standalone apps and updates them.

frequently once a month in a way that reaches, all devices more or less instantly and indefinitely in contrast to Apple which bundles a variety of things into its 2 yearly upgrades So to put it mildly it's not exactly an apples to apples comparison.

A Google made Pixel phone has historically stopped receiving operating system updates after 3 years despite this Furthermore Android operating system updates are extremely important despite all the focus on security patches and Play Store supported rollouts This is because despite interface tweaks and feature refinements.

OS updates frequently include significant internal upgrades as well as critical security and privacy improvements The APIs that allow third party apps to connect with your phone and personal data and carry out a variety of sophisticated tasks are also expanded and restricted by them.

The updates are so crucial that I would never advise someone to continue using a phone that isn't actively receiving them in a reasonable amount of time that comes to the core of why this shift in Pixel support life is so critically significant But we need to delve a little deeper to comprehend what real world effects it might have on all of Android as well as perhaps elsewhere.

The Phone Model Pixel 8 Maths

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I prefer to rely on a concept I like to refer to as smartphone maths when discussing the true worth of a modern mobile device.

Operating System Updates

The notion is that a phone needs to receive fast and dependable operating system updates as well as quick and dependable security patches to maintain an ideal degree of privacy security, and performance Whether or not every single phone user is aware of it the first offers important under the hood enhancements relating to all three of the aforementioned areas while the second, of course fill in the gaps and resolves a variety of vulnerabilities along the road.

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In light of this you may consider the maximum recommended lifespan of a phone to be the number of years during which it will be guaranteed to receive both operating system updates and the minor security patches in between 2 equally crucial pieces of an ideal mobile device puzzle By keeping that framework in mind you can determine the exact cost of each phone for each year or even day that you may use it wisely.

Google Pixel 8 costs

With a little basic math and considering that the new Google Pixel 8 costs $699 and will receive 7 years of both OS updates and security patches we can see that it would cost you approximately $100 each year of recommended ownership or 27 cents per day over those seven years.

The Galaxy S23 the newest and most advanced Galaxy device from Samsung costs $799 and comes with four years of OS update deliveries That equals $200 every recommended year of ownership or 55 cents per day which is essentially twice the price of the Pixel 8 if you plan to use it continuously for that entire time.

On the other end of the mobile technology spectrum Apple's iPhone 15 will cost you the same $799 Additionally even though the iCrew makes no clear promises regarding its software maintenance recent investigations show that it often offers OS updates for 6 years Using our handy maths that means that throughout its fully supported recommended ownership period an iPhone 15 will probably cost you roughly $133 per year or 36 cents every day.

Would you agree that this breakdown is interesting? While Google would be prudent to highlight this as a distinction when introducing the Pixel 8 the real impact of this might be seen in 2 ways that are significantly more significant to society as a whole.

1.    Aid Google in Expanding its Mobile Market Share

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Hold on, this isn't about foolish "winner!" bragging rights or odd corporate cheering Although we humans who purchase and use these gadgets don't have a stake in the mobile market share game we do have a lot to gain from the consequences that the market's current state has on our daily lives.

That's where this could change things As of now Apple and Samsung are mainly in charge of the US smartphone market Everyone else accounts for a comparatively tiny single digit portion of the pie.

To be clear Google's position is expanding both domestically and internationally While sales of smartphones and products made by the majority of other gadget manufacturers have been declining Pixel sales have been skyrocketing with double and occasionally even triple digit increases in recent quarters.

Pixels in the overall picture

The position of Pixels in the overall picture however is still very low roughly 4% of the total here in the United States for example except for Japan where they are currently topping the sales chart So despite the undeniable momentum those figures still need to rise significantly if the Pixel is to have any real impact on the direction of smartphone development.

And that's where Google's market share expansion as a result of the Pixel 8's value addition may matter No matter what platform or phone model you favor competition can only be a good thing Yes I realize it's ironic to suggest Google as the party that might disrupt a monopoly to spur competition But in the absence of genuine competition market leaders may choose to sit back and enjoy their success rather than making advancements that will ultimately help customers like us that brings us right to the second more concrete benefit that might result from this.

2.    Compel Others to Act Similarly

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Yes, anyone purchasing a Pixel 8 will immediately benefit from the change in that the Pixel 8 now offers seven full years of service But on a larger scale probably other gadget manufacturers will eventually feel pressured to fulfill the same promise to stay competitive and avoid appearing to be lagging in what they have to offer.

We have witnessed it occur frequently in the past Heck before the Pixel journey began only a 2 year operating system upgrade guarantee was offered for Google's phones and all other Android devices A certain irate Android writer stood on his soapbox back in 2016 and demanded that Google go above and beyond its promise to give Pixel owners three years of operating system updates. This was a guarantee that was above average and would give Google's own devices an above-average Android experience consistent with the rest of their positioning.

Upgrade Window For Pixels

Three years eventually became the typical upgrade window for Pixels near and far after Google listened Guess what happened after that? Yes, other Android phone manufacturers started to offer three years of support for their products as well Shortly after Samsung decided to outdo Google by providing four years of coverage for its Galaxy gadgets Look at how that turned out.

The same yap flappin' rumpus urged in December of last year that Google should not only meet but surpass Samsung's criteria to restore its Pixel products to the top of the Android support life heap And here we are I suppose.

The next phase will be a race to keep up with Google's new promise by Samsung and other manufacturers if the same cycle repeats itself which history indicates it will Regardless of the type of phone each of us prefer it has a positive ripple effect that benefits us all.


Q.1: What about face unlock on the Pixel 8?

ANS: The required front facing camera hardware and AI capabilities are both included with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro to construct a Face Unlock system.

Q.2: Does the Pixel laser hurt?

ANS: The majority of patients tolerate Pixel well and report minor discomfort and speedy healing Pixel does not cause side effects like hypo or hyperpigmentation post procedure infections swelling redness or edema like conventional laser skin resurfacing procedures do.

Q.3: Does Pixel 8 function?

ANS: After just one PiXel8 RF session the majority of patients experience noticeable improvement To get the best results you might need some treatments.


Everything else about these new Pixel phones may be intriguing but the software support update is revolutionary and it very surely won't have a narrow impact on just one particular phone model or gadget category.

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