Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2021

The Crypto market is the only thing in technology that keeps on altering every day. By every single minute, no one can decide whether they will win a considerable profit or bear a tremendous loss.

This is why crypto experts always use the term of big ideas with spare money for cryptocurrency. But, unfortunately, our many locals think that it's just like investing in stocks and measuring their growth depending on the company's growth.

But in cryptocurrency, there are a plethora of complexities that need to be explored before investing something. Thus, if you have decided to land the crypto market, don't forget to use the spare money that you are ready to lose and gain.

Today, there is not only one cryptocurrency and a single pack of rules. Now it has become the playland of more than 6 thousand cryptocurrencies with varying regulations and terms.

Thus, today in this article, we are going to disclose the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 as by the passing year performance. Let’s begin with it;


1)      Bitcoin

If I talk about bitcoin, then almost 80% of us have heard about it though not wholly known. This currency was invented in 2009 with a motto of opening the door of ease for all. Though at first, it was hard to believe and use it. But every passing day made it featured in all aspects.

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BTC is individualizing the digital currency market with everyday milestones. However, it was the oldest currency, that's why the people get more interested in it than anyone else. This interest helped BTC to build 1 trillion-dollar market capital.

The success and journey of achieving milestones don't end here. As you may have heard of cryptocurrency penetrating finance, the most significant change was accepting bitcoin and investment in TESLA Inc.

Along with TESLA making it a global tender in El Salvador proved that how cryptocurrency is best. Bitcoin is not limiting it here. Thus, within every passing day, they are proven to be the best. This is why we mentioned it at the top of our list. So, within these successes and by reading graphs, you can easily invest in this cryptocurrency.


2)      Ethereum

The second name which comes in blue-chip cryptocurrencies is Ethereum. It is the second pioneer of the crypto market with increasing market capital. Moreover, the projects of Ethereum with Defi and other tokens make it the second-biggest cryptocurrency to believe and invest in.

Even according to my friends, they earn more profit in Ethereum than in Bitcoin because of fewer downfalls of prices. So every passing day is bringing value to Ethereum.

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You can estimate it by the statement that Ethereum became the driving force in the crypto market in 2015. Initially, it was about 10% of the whole crypto market. But within this year's growth graphs, bitcoin is shrinking, and Ethereum is conquering the market with an 18% share in the market. It's all because of the enormous profits people are gaining quickly from Ethereum.


3)      Solana (SOL)

It could be a startup for beginners, but for expert analysis, it's the roaring line of the crypto jungle. Solana became part of the top cryptocurrencies of 2021 by its expedited growth graph.

By the end of September, SOL had a market share of 0.01%, which is not usual as compared to other currencies. The revolutionizing factor within SOL was its ease of transactions, just like ETH.

Solana is also ruling the Defi technologies by developing specific applications and programs. These programs are vanishing the hurdles of brokers rates, exchangers fees, and many other things.

Along with these technologies, SOL is bringing many changes in cryptocurrency that enable it to be the third pioneer to invest in 2021.


4)      Cardano

The prior to last is Cardano (ADA). To make your interest established in it, I want to make you aware of its founder, one of the co-founders of Ethereum. He established it as energy-efficient while building blocks by experts.

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It is becoming the third biggest market conqueror with a hard cap of 45 billion coins. The thing I mentioned at the start is energy efficient. Cardano uses a particular protocol for block building that enables it to be 20000 times more energy-efficient than any other cryptocurrency.  This is the thing that is phishing people toward it.


5)      Binance coin

The last and most viral cryptocurrency of the year is binance. I think there is no one who didn’t know the success story of binance from a token-based to a self-created blockchain-based cryptocurrency.


It has also become the world's largest exchange by volume. The market capital of this cryptocurrency is also unbelievable at 200 million. Binance aims to reduce total supply by 50%, which is bringing coin's rally by passing years. The prices of BNB coins are tremendously increased from its startup of 10 cents to 450$. Though there are burnouts, but still is ruling the market with a higher number of investors and circulation of 168 million current cap. 

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