Best Android Phone to buy 2021

Mobile phones are becoming the most crucial part of life. Its importance could be explained as an oxygen cylinder necessary for one dying. Nowadays, people are getting intoxicated with it, and they are supposed to buy one android phone even if their earnings are not enough.

To boost the craze of buying the best android phone in Pakistan, many companies in Pakistan started offering android mobiles on lease. So now people belonging from any of the social levels are buying costly and cheap best android sets.

Though we can't stop their craze, we can somehow help them buy the best android phones in 2021. So here in this article, we are about to uncover some glossy and furnished phones that are the best android phone under 30000.

So, let’s endeavor for clarification for all aspects;

1)      Redmi Note 10

As we all know, the Pakistan mobile market is getting flooded with mobiles and brands. Even some brands are offering mind-blowing specs at affordable prices. But some of them provide the worth and some surprises with bad experiences.

But with Redmi note 10 mobile, it all vanishes away. Redmi from Xiaomi is building its market repute with amazing specs and performances of its devices. Similar in note series where the mobile wins the customer loyalty.  If I say the best android phone under 30000, then there would be no other than Redmi note 10.

Starting with the memory, it comes with two variants. The one which is under 30000 is 4GB ram and 128Rom. The other is 6GB ram and 128GB ROM, which is somehow higher.

Best android phone under 30000

The camera quality of this best android phone is surprisingly competing iPhone 12 pro max. The rear camera is stuffed with all the necessary lenses of specifications 48 MP+8 MP+2 MP+ 2MP. At the same time, the front camera is 13MP which also serves with multiple modes and gives extreme selfies. And this one, I personally experienced as my friend have this model.

From a gaming perspective, this best android phone in Pakistan serves greatly with the QUALCOMM snapdragon 678 (11nm) chipset, the latest gaming chipset to play heavy games like PUBG and Asphalt 9. 

Moreover, the screen size is 6.43 inches of corning gorilla glass, making it sturdy enough for accidental falling. The battery size is also bigger, one of 500Mah.

The only downside of this mobile phone is its battery which doesn't support for a day if you are a gamer. Like my friend was a PUBG fan, and he plays for one to two hours, and the battery starts draining fast. The power cells are not strong enough as compared to VIVO 5000Mah battery mobiles.

2)      Techno Pova 2

The second-best android phone in Pakistan is Techno Pova 2. The reason why it is mentioned in the second position is some deficiencies in this model, which will be explained below.

First, talking about the camera of this mobile phone, it comes with a rear camera of 48 MP, a beast camera to compete with the other expensive models in the market. We all know that Tecno is already manufacturing its cameras in beauty mode. Along with the pre-default beauty, many other modes can serve you better in the case of photography.

Coming toward the system specs, this best android phone under 30000 is packed with 6GB Ram and 128GB of ram. Toward my experiences of buying mobiles, believe me, no offers such specifications in this price tag. This is why Tecno became the market king within two years in Pakistan.

best android phone in pakistan

The android system of Tecno pova 2 is Android 11 with HiOS 7.6, which comes with many AI features like all other mobiles of Tecno. The processor of this best android camera phone is MediaTek Helio G85 (12nm), surprisingly the best chipset to play games in this budget.

Additionally, the screen size of this model is 6.9 inches that make it one of the best android phones under 30000.  One of the deficiencies I mentioned above is its screen. This model doesn’t have an AMOLED screen, but I don't think it should be considered to add for this price tag and specs.

Sorry to forget and mention it later, the battery of this mobile is its biggest weapon to conquer the current market battle. It comes with 7000Mah biggest battery ever served in android mobile phones in Pakistan.

3)      Infinix Note 10

The third market competitor of all the android manufacturing companies is Inifinix. Though infinix served the market with many affordable yet quality mobile phones in the case of flagship phones, it failed.

So, for the level of specifications, infinix note 10 comes in different variants of (4 GB + 64 GB, 4 GB + 128 GB, 6 GB + 128 GB). All these variants make it a perfect set to buy under this price tag as there would be a lot of storage for media and other purposes.

best android phone under 30000

The processor of this mobile phone is the same as the Tecno pova 2 but doesn't provide the performance like the Tecno above model. One of the pros of buying this model is its gorilla glass which protects it in damaging cases.

The rear and front cameras are also higher than the Tecno pova 2 with 48+2+2MP and 16 MP specs simultaneously. Furthermore, it is packed with a decent battery of 5000Mah. Though the battery of Tecno Pova 2 is bigger than this, the camera and screen make it superior to Tecno.



Though all of these models are now market king, there is huge competition between these brands. But in my view, one of the best brands to trust is Redmi which doesn’t compromise over quality for the sake of down prices. Thus, in this article, I suggest you buy Redmi as all its mobiles are worth the cost.

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