Best 5 cars to launch in Pakistan

The automobile industry was going silent due to continuous models’ failure in Pakistan. Some models were not maintaining the petrol range and some were costing higher than their body and engine features.

Thus, today we are going to discuss some best cars that are being launched and some that are launching. All of these sedans are market winning with extreme sales. So, let’s discuss these cars;


1)      Toyota corolla 12th generation

Toyota sedans are already the market winners with high sales rates and fewer complaints. Their sedans in older XLI and GLI shapes are still reselling speedily. People who live inside areas believe in buying corolla due to its sturdy body parts.

12th Generation of Toyota Corolla Altis is coming to Pakistan - fairwheels

Now Toyota is about the launch is its 12th generation in Toyota corolla. Pakistanis are eagerly waiting as this time the body shape is beautifully crafted with some amazing features and performance. This model is about to release in this month or in December.  The price of this sedan is 3500000.


2)      Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai's new cars were mostly stopped to launch in the market due to zero innovations in designs. But this time the game is changing with Hyundai Elantra.

2021 Hyundai Elantra - Exterior and interior Details (Perfect Sedan) -  YouTube

Though people say that this is manufactured in China but believe me the sales ratio of Elantra this year is crossing the total sales of Honda Civic this year.

The thing that appeals to this model sedan is its remarkable design and features. One who tests get mad about it.  This car has arrived in the market at the price of 3,999,000PKR.


3)      Honda City 7th generation

Honda city is also one of the most favorite cars to buy in Pakistan. This car gives the most comfort one looks for. But in recent years there was no updated shape in this sedan.

Is the 7th generation of Honda City in-bound to Pakistan? - Business &  Finance - Business Recorder

That’s why Honda city is now about to launch in 7th generation new design. Though the outer look seems to be enchanting and eye-catching but not much inspiring as compared to the previous model. This car is not totally launched but could be booked from some showrooms. The price of this sedan is 3000000PKR.


4)      Changan Alsvin

The third and second selling car after Hyundai Elantra is Changan ALSVIN. The reason is its beautiful body shape and the engine performance. This beautiful car is also launched in some parts of Pakistan at the price of 2,149,000 to 2,589,000PKR.

You can get the new Alsvin in Pakistan for a price way cheaper than you  think; lower than Rs25 lacs - The Current

The price varies depending on the engine power and the performance is supplied with. Therefore, have a look at this model and consider it on your list if you are going to buy a car.


5)      Kia CERATO

Kia CERATO is launching in comparison and competition to Toyota Altis. This car comes with a beautiful design and an engine of 1.6 liters. The price range of this car is also very competitive to Corolla Altis. Therefore, one who is looking to buy Altis must bother it also.

Kia Cerato is Launching in Pakistan by the End of 2020

Kia is also famous for the production of cheap and best-rated cars. Therefore, possible chances are there that Kia CERATO would also sell faster just like Kia SPORTAGE. The price of this sedan is about 3 to 3.5 million PKR.



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