Best 5 audio editing software to install in your system

Audio editing is not an easier task. No matter you have a clear and sweet voice, your talent is at its peak still you need editing software for refinement.


A perfect blend of speed and editing tools is all you need to craft a masterpiece. So leave the rest at us as we are going to shortlist some best audio editing or mixing software.


Here we will explain some of their features. You can further check the specifications required to install them by browsing.

let’s start with it;


  • Avid pro tools

If you are looking for a complete audio workstation then there could be no better option than Avid pro tools. There is a complete palate to let you handle all the audio editing needs from films, games to songs.


There is a free version available for some home musicians and artists who are at beginner's level. If you are one of them, get help from pro tools first software. For advanced features, you may need to buy premium.


One can use this software for multi-track sound recording. There are many plugins to set up for making music with virtual instruments. For a broader view of features, explore the website of this software.


  • Audacity

Usually, people want freebie software that can fulfill all their needs. For all those audacities could be a better option. The main thing which makes it a superior choice for all is its easier interface.


Even beginners like me who are fond of editing music and audio can use it easily. This software is available for all platforms either Windows, Mac Os, and Linux.


Some of the topping features are multi-track playing and recording. There you got multiple audio inputs along with trimming, inserting, and looping options. Furthermore, one can add audio effects with different amplifying and other options, all come free of cost.


  • WavePad

Here comes another free tool for beginner and studio-level usage. There are different editions like master and standard for more unlocking.


Just like the other software, this is also accessible for all the operating systems. However, the variety of features is not limited to this application.


When it comes to recording and creation of sounds, this becomes surprising. One can use multiple input options for recording tracks. Also, you can create ringtones of your favorite songs with its ringtone creating feature.


There is another option of a master package that allows you to use the VST plugin for advanced options. The surprising thing about wavepad is that no need to watch tutorials to use it. There are simple click-on options to apply to crop, inserting, and other facts.


There is a bunch of audio effects including reverb and bass adding. This software would be working as a song restoring as well. You can apply noise cancellation and other features to old songs and restore them.


Additionally, there is a plethora of features to explore with a non-limiting list. So visit the official website and explore all the paid features.


  • Adobe Audition

When it comes to professional software, how we can forget the name of Adobe. It has remained the king of graphics software work and is now in audio. Would you imagine the same working? Surely yes.


This software is also packed with all the features one looks for audio editing and other functions. You can imagine all the features you read above in wavepad found here in this software as well.


The only thing that could be different is its interface. One may find it difficult to use. Also, there could be some purchasing in premium modes. So check before installing and you can also compare it with wavepad as well.


  • Sound forge

Last but not least is sound forge. This software comes with two options free and premium. But in the free version, one can use it for semi-professional tasks.


This software is also compatible with all platforms with multi-track recording. You can set your quick actions that are frequently used in editing or making any song. It would help you save your time to perform different tasks on clicks.

There are a lot of options included like AL editing and applying the VST engine on your audios. There is a wizard X suit that enables further functionality for you. So get access to all the functions by installing this software on your machine.


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