Best 4 plugins to boost your WordPress website speed

WordPress websites are becoming the most demanding solution of the time. Many startups utilize WordPress websites for their first step in the online market. Also, the websites which are build with WordPress are more likely to rank and ease to manage their CMS.

Their drag and drop feature and site maker is getting famous day by day. People are now likely to believe moreover WordPress than other platforms like Wix or other site makers. But along with its benefits, there are some add-ons which can help you further.


Speed optimization is what every website owner wants in their business website. As more website loads faster there are more chances of its ranking. But this could become your problem in a simple WordPress website.


This is why today we are going to mention the 4 best plugins to optimize the performance of the website;


1)      WP SMUSH

Our first and more likely installed WordPress plugin is WP Smush. This is actually an image optimizing plugin which reduces the size of image to boost website loading. Usually, we all use high quality images which may slower down the loading speed of a website. Therefore, an image optimizer can help you out in speed boosting without affecting the quality of images.


2)      W3-Total Cache

W3 as by name is a plugin that works on faster loading of cache. The faster a website approaches to cache, it loads thoroughly. W3 total cache works on CDN integration which helps you optimizing the speed of each page on your website. This plugin is also trustworthy in SEO enhancement by increasing the bandwidth and ensuring more website time by customers.


3)      Lazy Load by WP Rocket

Lazy load is the smartest plugin in WordPress websites which helps you reducing the load time. Basically, when a new visitor opens your website, the whole page is loaded from scratch to end including all the images and content. Thus, it takes longer time to load due to quality of images and other content.


But with Lazy load, your web optimization problem ends without any disturbance to the CMS. It works efficiently by reducing the load time of the whole website. By installing this plugin, it would load the first 5 or 10 images and content and then remaining would be loaded when user scroll down. By doing this, you can boost the user experience on your website.


4)      WP Super Minify

Last but not least is WP Super minify. This plugin works for shortening or optimizing your coding files. The larger coding impacts the speed of your website. Therefore, all these coding files are also supposed to be optimized. You can do this by using WP super minify, just install it and enable it in plugin menu.


Final words;

WordPress websites are easier to handle and optimize according to their features and functionalities.  But the more plugin you add the more it slows down. Also, it may go down with the crashing of any of the plugins. Therefore, we recommend using other technologies for developing your websites. 

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