Best 3 happiness practices of meditation for 2022

The new year is started. We all have our new visions and goals for this year to accomplish. But they might become a harder practice if you are not mentally satisfied with your life. Most of the time we get disturbed with minor problems.


But that doesn’t mean your life is a plethora of sadness. Create a moment of being happy and change the way you think of happiness. This is what I think last night while discussing meditation with my fellows.


So, today I’m going to share my best practices of 2022 to stay happier and have a smiling face all day.  let’s get started with it;


  1. A fresher morning of gratitude

Gratitude is what reminds us to be gentle and kind all the time. This practice also brings calmness and happiness to our lives.

Breakfast happiness practice

let’s start our morning with breakfast reminding you the day passed and thanking all for their gentle behavior to you. It would develop a positive impression of yours on your fellows.


Also once you get unburdened, your soul becomes lighter and calmed in meditation practices. To start this practice today with some gentle and custom-created messages.


2.       A mild walk with music after lunch

So my second practice for the happiness schedules and calming my mind is a mild walk. I often do it and my colleagues think that I’m just doing it to digest the meal. Seems funny but they don’t know the actual thing.


it’s an experienced practice that if you have done your lunch and want to get some freshness, go out. Enjoy your 10 to 20 minutes break walking along the park or lakeside. Listen to your favorite music and start observing nature.

Happiness practice after lunch

Nature observation always gives you an inner feeling of happiness and being thankful to nature for such gifts. To start this practice today, and I’m damn sure that you will find it helpful for your happiness.


3.      Divine connection before sleep and some fun

The last one that is according to me the best of all practices of meditation for happiness. As I’m a Muslim thus connecting with the Divine in solitude always blesses me with eternal pleasure and feelings. Mostly, I go to prayer before bedtime and then come back with a fresh zeal of a lighter mind.


Then afterward, I start texting some close friends and making some jokes. Sometimes I create prank videos and messages to share with them and make them distracted from their daily tensions. So be the source of someone’s happiness with this practice and then end your day with eternal peace and pleasure.

Divine connection for happiness practice 

Happiness is not laughing with a louder tone. Might be the person laughing loudly is broken inside. So the happiness is actually being calmed inside. This is what we learn from meditation and lonely happiness practices.


Improvise your daily practices of these 30 minutes happiness practices to develop positivity in your life. Being happy by soul would help you create special hormones that help in keeping you healthy. Staying happy also helps improve your digestion system and you can get the true perks of life with these meditation practices of the new year.

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