BEST 25 Amazon Christmas Gifts 2023

2023 I like to consider myself the gift Whisperer I put a lot of thought into these gifts because I don't want to show you things that you're seeing in every other gift guide I'm going to have links for everything down in the description box and also watch the end because I have a giveaway somewhere in the article so the first gift idea is perfect for the hostess in your life the person who's hosting the family gatherings who likes to have parties maybe that's you maybe that's your mom or mother-in-law this is what I call the ultimate cheeseboard.

I actually designed this one it took two years it is custom and this is not just your basic everyday cheeseboard okay ours is totally modular and customizable so it will work for whatever size Gathering you're having even if you're just having one or two girlfriends over and you just want a little snack to try out it can be nice and compact.

if you're having a large Gathering all of your family and extended fames over everything comes apart and expands and it looks beautifully displayed this is a wow piece it is so gorgeous it even comes with the knives and serving forks I just think this is such a statement piece it is such a perfect gift item and I have a 20% off code just for you all who follow me so I will have all of that down in the description box any woman in your life will love this diffuser I think it is one of the most stunning essential oil diffusers I have ever seen in my life it has this gorgeous watercolor

Under $35

BEST 25 Amazon Christmas Gifts 2023

print and it's in beautiful textured ceramic it looks so much more expensive then if this is under $35 I have mine in my guest bathroom so when I have people over I turn that on not only does it smell amazing but it's just a visual almost looks like art in your home and then along with that you can get this set of essential oil blends and the entire set is 10 bucks so put these together.

I think it makes such a special beautiful gift no I'm not done yet okay because along with your home essential oil diffuser they also now make car diffusers and they just smell so much better than those synthetic overly strong like I just cannot do the normal car fragrances you can customize with your own essential oil blends and it plugs right into your car.

Only 15 Bucks

BEST 25 Amazon Christmas Gifts 2023

it's only 15 bucks so if you want an even more cost-effective gift item you can get the car diffuser and then the set of essential oils and total that's $25 and such a unique gift item next we're going to move on to the self-care themed gift items because I can almost guarantee you that every woman in your life could use a little bit more self-care this is the item that.

I'm going to be getting all the way in my life all my girlfriends my mom and it is this bath mat because it is a full body bath mat pillow the worst part about a bath me is that I love the concept but when I'm actually in the bath I'm in this hard ceramic tub it's not that comfortable so you've seen the neck pillows for the bath but this extends all the way down the tub so it's actually comfortable I'm sorry.

This is a genius this changes the game and it makes me enjoy baths so much more it has all of the suction cups so it doesn't float up to the top and it makes all the difference in the world along with this you can also gift this bath bomb kit that I've been talking about for months because they are the best large luxury bath bombs and you get.

Gift Box For Under $15

BEST 25 Amazon Christmas Gifts 2023

whole kit in the gift box for under $15 so I think this together is such a nice pamp for yourself self-care gift moment now if you want to elevate even more they also make this portable bath spa jet that attaches to your regular tub turns it into basically like a Jacuzzi with the Jets so that will elevate your at-home bath experience even more.

I think is such a cool gift idea and while we're in the bathroom and we're elevating our bathtime experience the towel warmer you guys the price has come down on these they used to be so expensive but now they're down to like $75 and it is so amazing to have as it gets colder there's nothing that feels better getting out of your shower or bath than a warm cozy towel I would say this a great gift for your parents for your mother-in-law if you want her to love.

Beauty Category

BEST 25 Amazon Christmas Gifts 2023

you get her the towel warmer next gift item is also in the self-care SL Beauty category and it is this facial cleansing brush that has a little silicone bristles on it and it has vibration it just gets in there and helps clean your face so much better and it's only $35 I have one similar to this that was almost $200 andthey now make them for so much less and the viral Beauty hack of the moment is washing your face for a full 60 seconds you must try this it sounds very simple.

Gift Item For Your Aunt

but it's game-changing it helps your face feel so much softer so much smoother and I feel like it's making my pores look smaller so you can get this as a gift item for your aunt your sister your mom and then put a little note that says is tip wash your face for a full 60 seconds and that combination right there their skin will be glowing instantly they will feel the difference and they will love you this is something that I had never seen before and I started using myself and I love it so I think it would make a great gift as well.

This electric hair oil like scalp massager so you put your favorite hair oil in the reservoir here and it disperses it on your scalp it has LED light and vibration so it helps stimulate the scalp and helps the oil penetrate deeper and evenly across your scalp and it's only $25 it's something really unique I love using it and I would get it with this Rosemary Mint Hair growth oil it has crazy high reviews it is an extremely well-loved product on Amazon and it's under $10 next, it would not be a Britney.

Amazon Christmas gift guide list without a massager every year there's a new type of massager on my list and this year this is the one that I found newest latest greatest it is an office chair massager so you're sitting at your desk working for 6 78 hours a day now I'm getting massaged as I'm sitting there and it just makes my day sitting at my desk editing videos so much nicer now

Comfort Items

For comfort items, these are the slippers of the year of the moment that are going viral they almost make you look like you have cozy little bare feet they're adorable they have the memory film on the bottom so they're extra cushy and plush and soft and warm and then these pants look like cargo pants but they're made out of a sweatpant material.

They just look so much more Chic when you're lounging around for your lounge wear also you can never go wrong with a mug and what I've learned bigger is better okay the bigger the mug happier I am sorry 10 ounces of coffee is not enough for me like I want my large iced coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles and all the things so this is a 20 oz glass coffee mug I think this makes such a nice gift it comes in a set of two and then I would also get.

Beautiful Gemstone

these beautiful gemstone coasters are functional beautiful useful tell me one person who would not love to receive these two together if you have any readers in your life or people who say they want to get into reading more you can never go wrong with a Kindle that is my go-to gift item for any of my friends or family members who don't already have it if they already have a Kindle this gift right here you will win Christmas okay it is an automatic page Turner for the Kindle so you can do your reading handsfree lying in bed I have it.

Digital Photo Frame

propped up boom boom boom I'm turning the pages I got this digital photo frame for both my parents last year my dad and my mom and they both absolutely go nuts over it this one is on sale the price has come down on these and it's controlled by an app.

you can constantly update with photos of your kids like there's nothing grandparents like more than pictures of their grandbabies okay there's anyone in your life who loves to cook I love this knife block set I got it for myself you can see it here I got it in pink but it also comes in white and gold and this is back in stock it's aesthetic it has has the variety of knives the sharpener built-in and the kitchen scissors.

I like gifts

you can't tell the theme Here I like gifts that are unique and beautiful but also something that people will actually use like they'll use this knife set the knives are very high quality and extremely sharp I love it now this is my current random Obsession that I think would make a great gift item and it's adult paint by numbers kits so it's just a perfect thing to do as you're like watching a movie in the background your holiday movies or listening to an audiobook to relax and decompress think of it like an adult

coloring but I find this more satisfying for whatever reason because once you're done you're left with this beautiful painting and so if you know someone who's artistic or likes doing puzzles or maybe somebody who has ADHD just such a great relaxing meditative activity hobby I can't freestyle paint but I can paint by numbers, this could also be cool if you want to do like a little party with your girlfriends like wine and painting p in or brunch and painting it comes with all the paint everything you need.


recommend getting a nicer brush set you can get up for under $10 to go with it cu the brushes they come with are just not the best okay think about right now close your eyes who do you love the most in this world whoever just came to you should get them my organic bamboo sheets and if you have the budget for it also the mattress.

Topper is heaven on Earth to me you are like sleeping in a cloud the bamboo sheets are Nothing Compared they're so silky soft but also cozy and they're Cooling and hypoallergenic I also got you guys a coupon code for the sheets and the mattress topper as well these are my top gift items of 2023 all available on

Amazon Prime links for everything are going to be down below and also make sure you are subscribed because I have a gift guide specifically for him coming up in a couple weeks let me know in the comments which of these gifts I shared would you want most for yourself I'm going to pick one of you who leaves a comment down below and I will send you whatever that item is thank you as always so much for reading and I will see you soon with a new article.

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