Benefits of Custard Apple and Corn


Nature has blessed us with treasures of abundant fruits and vegetables. One of them is custard apple and corn. Custard apple is expensive but its benefits are innumerable whereas corn is cheap in price but also has lots of benefits.


Do not eat Custard apple seeds and peel!!


Nature has blessed us with treasures of abundant fruits and one of them is custard apple. Which is expensive but its benefits are innumerable. So many families buy it at prices like diamond pearls. Is eaten But like the name, it is not so noble. Something that most people do not know. People who eat shellfish peel and seeds can also suffer from Parkinson's disease. The disadvantages are small, the benefits are huge


Treatment of infectious diseases


Custard apple is a valuable fruit which is rich in antioxidants and it helps in fighting against infectious diseases. People who eat custard apple are also able to fight diseases like cancer. Custard apple also plays an important role in defeating heart diseases.



Its Kidney friendly


Eating custard apple cleanses the kidneys as if fresh kidneys have just become a part of the body. Those who suffer from urinary incontinence or have a burning sensation should start using custard apple and the kidneys become brand new and start working very fast. They become healthy.



Treatment of cough and cold


When the body is dry and coughs and colds get pregnant, custard apples reach out to help like a kind friend. By eating it, a regular cough comes out in the form of mucus and disappears. The chest is completely cleansed and its regular use also gets rid of the dryness and heat caused by antibiotics.


Infectious illness treatment 


Custard apple is a plant that is strongly suggested for patients with pathological disorders like diabetes and osteoarthritis. The phytonutrients in the fruits can alleviate symptoms associated with auto-inflammatory illnesses. The polyphenol petals also have anti-inflammatory qualities.


Custard apples improve vision. 


Aids in the improvement of vision 

Custard apples are high in antioxidants and thiamine, two among the most essential minerals for overall health. Antioxidants also aid in the prevention of cellular effects of free radicals. Poor vision is a frequent concern as we become older. It is essential to look after your eyes in this day and age while we are addicted to our displays. They contain essential vitamins that focus your attention from burning out and enable them to work correctly.

The amazing benefits of eating corn that you may not know


The corn crop is ready at the beginning of winter. This is the smell when the sellers of corn kilns come to the markets. Someone is frying in salt and someone is cooking them in sand and selling them.


Excess starch in the diet reduces the risk of colon cancer, cholesterol and IBS.


Corn has the property that if you use one kiln or one cup of corn a day, you can get 18.4 fiber from it which helps in stabilizing blood sugar. There is no other vegetable that is as good as cornbread that enjoys this season's delicacy and nutrition.


The shocking benefits of corn:


According to doctors, bloating and constipation increase appetite and make the body fat.


Mucus removes the disorder of zero and wind.


Overuse can lead to abdominal pain, colic and hemorrhoids.


Prevents post-meal vomiting.


Its bread is good for tuberculosis patients.


Increases eyesight.


Strengthens the weak lean body.


Corn oil makes the body fat, but those who do not like it, start eating it constantly.


Never feed the patient with pomegranates or toys. Coal and grinding of the gallbladder stops the bleeding of menstruation and hemorrhoids.


Grinding six handfuls of corn kernels to a cholera patient is of immediate benefit.


Mixing salt in the ashes of its throat and blowing it is very beneficial for whooping cough and cold cough.


Boiling or shaving his beard removes bladder diseases and urinary irritation and makes urination better.



According to Greek physicians, corn dissolves mucus.


Mixing its flour in the scalp and applying it is useful in preventing itching and cracking of hands, feet and nails.


Its decoction removes intestinal ulcers. It is less nutritious than wheat.


According to experts, in people who consume corn, their blood sugar and insulin levels can be controlled to a reasonable extent.


In this regard, the experts compared the people in the two groups who had type 2 diabetes, one group used a diet containing fiber (starch) while the other group used a low-starch diet.


The first group showed positive health results as they consumed up to 24 grams of fiber daily, while the second group continued to complain of cholesterol and blood sugar.


Corn is cooked in popcorn, soups, salads and curries and in a way it can be used as a barbecue in summer.




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