Backache in workplace and prevention

One of the most critical pains in the human body could be back pain. We can call it backache. This pain can lead to different diseases including a massive disturbance in productivity.


Thus, if you are a CEO or talent manager, this article could be highly helpful to you. As most of the employees are suffering from this issue. With every passing year, we are relying on technological work and setting on chairs for more than 10 hours!

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This could be alarming for your spine and cause severe attacks especially when you are between 18-25 years of age. At this age, you can start being rude, face mood swings, sleeplessness, and sometimes irritation with pain.


Spinal pain especially in the root could be due to two major causes. These two causes are by accidental injury and non-accidental injury.


The accident could be in case of falling on the backside or striking against something. If you have ever experienced it and still feeling pain, thoroughly approach your doctor. As it could turn into further issues like problems in pregnancy and many more.


Nonaccidental could be the pain usually employees feel while working 8 hours sitting on the same chair. It can lead to obesity along with body figure changes. The critical one is back pain which can lead to loss of productivity and morale.


However, there are remedies available as well which are easier to adopt. Our body posture matters a lot in productivity and active mind. This is why people usually prefer meditation and Yoga.

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Both of these techniques can provide you with an active mind and reduce muscle aches. If you are working in an office, don’t forget to take a break of 5 minutes to let your spinal bone straighten. Also try some bed rest by laying in a straight position, if possible.

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Being an employee and project head, i have personally experienced these things that experiencing yoga sessions could be beneficial. Thus, try to hire a yoga coach and improvise a yoga class every day during break time or any other time if possible.


This would lead to productivity-boosting and saving your employees from suffering back pain. 

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