Guiding Your Little One's Journey: A Comprehensive Guide to Newborn Weaning

Baby Weaning 101

Being a mother & a doctor, i always am conscious of what & when to feed my baby firstly solids & then solids. This is rather common issue & makes many first time moms really worried if i am feeding my baby right or if its adequate or not & so on. Babies need all the healthy ingredients which we introduce to their diet one by one. 

Different doctors have different opinions on when to start weaning but according to World Health Organisation (WHO), it should be started between four to six months of age.

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4-6 months

There is a rough order in which we introduce the 3 main components of diet to babies i.e. Carbohydrates, fats & proteins.

At first Carbohydrate rich foods are introduced to babies as they are most important ingredient for energy production & brain function, easy to digest & less likely to cause allergies in babies. 

Ideally single ingredient food is given to baby to give there stomach a chance to adapt the new food that it’ll be digesting. Some single ingredient baby foods are listed below;


Banana puree

Apple puree

Mango puree

Peach puree

Sweet potato puree

Green pea puree

Zucchini puree

Mashed potato mixed with breast or formula milk 


6-8 months

When the baby is more than 6 months old, we can add two or three ingredient food to their diet. Baby’s eating horizon is expanding now & Fat rich foods are introduced when a baby turns 7-8 months old. Some recepies are listed below;

Oatmeal with apples
Rice with carrots & peas
Mango & peach puree
Mashed potatoes with butter
Oats with prunes
Tapioca pearl with banana or yogurt
Rice porridge
Barley porridge
Sweet potato porridge



9-12 months

Now is the time to introduce proteins to your baby as their digestive system is much developed to digest complex amino acids found in proteins so giving them chicken, fish or even red meat won’t be a bad idea. Recipe ideas for them are as below;

Different kinds of eggs of your baby’s liking
Turkey or chicken soup
Chicken curry with zucchini 
Lentil & rice stew
Rice with eggs
Broccoli & cauliflower cheese
Avocado & tomato scramble
Tropical fruit salad




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