Ayesha Omer Swimming viral Video!!!

Ayesha Omer is one of the best Lollywood stars who worked in TV dramas and movies. She is such a talented and enchanting girl that she got reputed in her most recent drama “Bulbuly”.

Now everyone either a villager or a citizen knows her very well. Ayesha Omer remained the topic of discussion every year due to his viral pics and videos.

Recently, she got viral on a photoshoot with Shoaib Malik. As Shoaib Malik is a cricketer, thus every fan was astounded why both of them are shooting for such poses.

After that controversial photos and trends, another succeeded in winning controversies. In her last Instagram video, she could be seen swimming with turtles in Tanzania.

Ayesha Omer and Maria Wasti in Bikini dress on beach | I Am Shahzaib Anwer

The controversial thing was her swimming in a live video and uploading it by her own official ID. Now Ayesha Omer has become the trend on Twitter with her video. Some girls are praising her for her bravery to swim with turtles and some are asking her to get some shame on uploading these types of videos.

On all these comments and posts, she didn’t bother and shared no reply about her photoshoot or videos. Ayesha Omer's viral video is captured in South Africa, Tanzania. She is on her vacation from shooting and enjoying a break.

Remember that Ayesha Omer is an aspiring actress and won many awards for her acting. She is also a good dancer as well as action heroin. Though her item song in a Pakistani movie became controversial she didn’t even bother with that issue and continued to struggle in her passion.


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