Fundamental Truths: Exploring Axioms and Maxims

According to our understanding:

no such book has been appropriated in Urdu reviewing until this point which is associated with the authentic scenery of proverbs or aphorisms, or which can perceive how colloquialisms or articulations began or who is the architect of which maxim! Are expressions or proverbs envisioned even today or could they say they are basically living on past manifestations and progressions? Accepting adages are created, what is the part? Is the commitment of their creation individual or gathering? While an expression is planned, is it submitted to a board for underwriting or does it urge as its could like into normal everyday presence? In case truisms have stopped being made, what is the clarification? Has the improvement of interesting expressions been prevented by a sacrosanct modification or has it failed to typically exist?

It is normal that proverbs and sayings are advancements of the past. People had nothing to do in those days. Just remaining there playing chess or waving in caution. They are raising like a verse. They are mixing rhymes in with rhymes and stacking purposeful anecdotes. Nowadays, whether or not phrases are planned, their usage is wild. Owl fixing is our dearest public relaxation action. Khaali Pulau is our #1 dish. Someone should in like manner gain the recipes of rising in dormant curry from us. We have no adversary in raising stacks of rye. Regardless, when our sajhe's hindia is prepared, it sprouts in the intersection. On the off chance that you want to make someone a kin, you exchange turbans with him. Then, they throw the turban of a comparative kin keeping watch. Someone should in like manner gain the right use of turban from us. People of various countries wear turban on head yet we wear it on feet of waders. It ruins the presence of the fortunate man. They take and give while exchanging property. Yield that proverbs are past the limitations of presence, yet the age is changing with the speed with which the old statutes can't maintain it. The maxim "Where is Raja Bhoj and where is Gangu Teli" became purposeless in light of the fact that the Rajwad lost the states and lost everything. Moreover, the oilmen are as of now eliminating oil from the earth and overseeing the whole world. The oilmen insinuate the sheikhs of the oil associations and the Cove states. The bull has been replaced by ranch haulers and various machines, so the weight should be taken out from the neck of the "smasher bull" and the lamentable man should be freed from many long stretches of work. In view of the plan of cleaning workplaces and the presence of door to door clothing machines, even the washerman's canine should be confined from home and from the dock. It was a period when big shots were considered as a genuine piece of the old people and supervisors. Nowadays, development isn't in line. If they are among needy individuals, Expecting there is a line, before the work office. The day isn't far when wanderers will cry: "Liberal! Help the writer for God's Dispatch! ""Babu! Lakhpati is eager for quite a while, give me something to eat!".

  Money related insurrection or degeneration expects that Kodi, Damri and Pie are furthermore removed from the expression. As of now nothing is sold at an arrangement cost, nor does anyone screen every penny. The people who give skins for tails have in like manner extended their rates. Pens have now been replaced by typewriters and laptops, so the alleged ink of the pen has dissipated. After package, we have given Islamic and public names to various old roads and milestones, so it is fundamental that truisms and sayings are also Islamized and painted in the shade of patriotism. It is vital to have a "cutting edge in the armpit" since we are a butchered nation and butcher is fundamental for our certainty, yet what does "Bang in the mouth" mean in an Islamic state? In light of everything, there should be a hold back of Takbeer. As opposed to "tidying up in the streaming Ganga" as of now you want to do "washing in the streaming Ravi"! Tayammum is similarly sensible if there is a protesting that the narrator is dry. Growing new statutes or hyperboles looks like starting another business. Regardless, knowing this gamble, Mian Khairdin put his head in the vacant and individuals who live in the trouble of station capability, heredity transcendence and class contrast, for showing their tears and huge hearted to the Urdu language. "Whose talk is perfect, his character is perfect" was permitted. As shown by them, the term for position detachment should be rank abuse.It is trusted that like Mian Khair Racket, a lot more individuals will approach and put their imaginative capital in the development of sayings.

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  Today is a cutting edge age, so our figures of speech ought to be innovative as well. Nonappearance of the mind would be supplanted by "vanishing of the plate". Since our plate itself is frequently missing, we are worried about the possibility that that our companions won't begin focusing on our own self to act as an illustration of "first self after dervish". There is no question that expressions and sayings are the existence of the language and pepper goes about as a zest. Be that as it may, a few maxims have a head and not a foot! Regardless of whether the head is the foot, it isn't realized which is the head and which is the toe. Presently consider "the criminal took off with his foot on his head". Without a doubt, this maxim has a head and a toe, however the head and toe are of the chorka, not of the saying. Tell me, how might somebody take off with his foot on his head? It is difficult to stand or sit while running with one foot on the head. In the event that you don't trust it, grasp this magazine for some time and show sitting, standing or strolling with your feet on your head. "Grating the adversary's teeth" consistently ground our teeth. It isn't perceived what is the motivation behind grinding one's teeth and what benefit the snapping does. All things considered, it is an extremely moronic demonstration that you are covering on individuals' teeth with lemon or tamarind close by. Assuming that somebody has no teeth in his mouth, will his teeth make his mouth acrid? It is additionally conceivable that the individual whose teeth you plan to make harsh may take out his batisi and put it in your grasp and say: Love me! Coarseness our teeth and satisfy your energy. Apparently the individual who begat the saying "trapped in a palm tree that tumbled from the sky" was in a rush. It is likewise conceivable that the designer himself was trapped in a palm while imagining this maxim, generally such a rash and negligible saying could not have possibly entered the Urdu language. In this precept, it isn't clear the way that the individual arrived at paradise. From what point and how high did it fall? Did his foot slip, stumbled over a person or thing pushed him? Presently, on the off chance that it has fallen by the so-called stroke of destiny, as per regular regulation it is unfathomable to stick in a palm tree. With such a level and the power of his weight, he will fall on the palm tree with such speed that as opposed to being trapped in the palm tree, he will tumble to the ground, breaking the branches. We likewise have a protest with respect to why this individual stalled out in a palm tree. In the event that important, this individual was held tight a mango, jamon or shesham tree, which are tracked down in overflow in the subcontinent. In the event that the litigant was to be hanged in a palm tree, the hopeless individual's body ought to be punctured with sharp palm leaves, then, at that point, this discipline could likewise be given by balancing it in a prickly tree like a thistle or a berry. It is said that such and such an individual has croaked like Shakespeare's parrot, or thereabouts thus has croaked like Masnavi's parrot. Regardless of how sharp parrots are, it is far-fetched that they could remember the whole expressions of Ghalib, Hafiz, Saadi or some other artist. We are prepared to concede that a few parrots should be such smart individuals who have retained a couple ghazals of Mir, Momin or Mushafi and can censure them as well as portraying their rate, however a writer's finished Removing verbal exchange is from the extent of birds and cows in our insight. Numerous expressions fall under iftar which isn't permitted in our religion. "Lying bit by bit" is a by and large untruth and not its feet. It is unimaginable in any event, for a liar to lie bit by bit. There ought to have been a special case for lying by skirting two or four stages in the maxim. A similar fatwa is likewise given on blowing and setting the feet.

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  On one occasion we passed by the Realm State Working in New York and heard a man say that this building was conversing with the sky. We got inquisitive and attempted to tune in by putting our ears to the structure. The structure was totally quiet. I fail to see what fun it takes to brush individuals off! We have not seen the earth emerging from under anybody's feet till date, however we have heard many individuals making such a bogus case. You probably seen parrots flying from trees, yet the way that hand parrots fly is inconceivable. Individuals whose parrots continue to fly every day of the week ought to keep their parrots secured in confines. All things considered, why in strolling around? An all out lie even a jackass must be fathered in the midst of hardship. Nobody, regardless of the amount he is constrained and penniless, doesn't bow down before a jackass and crease his hands and say: "O Ruler, acknowledge this scalawag as your child."

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