Atif Aslam leave the concert in midway in Islamabad!!

The harassment cases in Pakistan are increasing like wildfire. A couple of years ago such a higher number of cases were reported in India but now Pakistan is also joining the race.


Every day we hear a piece of news that someone is bullied in public. Someone got raped in the village etc.


A piece of similar current news is ruling the social media where females were being harassed by crowed. It was a singing concert of Atif Aslam that was going live in Islamabad. Atif Aslam is a popular singer having a large number of fans following Pakistan.


Thus, wherever he goes, a large crowd gathers around him. But the recent incident was too pathetic that everyone criticized over poor management of the Islamabad concert. A female was being harassed continuously in the concert.

Atif Aslam walks out of a concert midway after audience harass woman

The pure-hearted Atif Aslam saw this whole scene and call her on the stage and then console her. After that, he left the stage and the audience remained shocked.  The admins of that concert announced that they are closed for now.


On this incident, the whole twitter was rushed with tweets criticizing the masculinity and poor management of the Islamabad concert. Even people avoided others for not attending any of their events as it is not a safe place to visit.


Let’s see if the Islamabad government takes strong steps against women's protection in these concerts. Also, comment your views on this incident in the comment section.

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