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Aries is the first astrological sign of the zodiac. Aries zodiac starts from 21st March and ends at 19th April. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries which is also the first planet of solar system. Ram is the symbol of Aries. It is representative of the power, firmness, audacity and temerity of a person who belongs to this zodiac sign. In Greek mythology, Aries was also called God of war. The lucky color for Aries is red as it symbolizes the strength and purity of their personality. It is a fire sign in zodiac along with Leo and Sagittarius. There are three divisions of Aries zodiac sign. Each division comprises of ten days. The first division spans from 21st March to 31st March. Second division has a span from 1st April to 9th of April and the third division starts from 10th April and ends at April 20. After 20th April, second zodiac sign Taurus starts. Aries have diamond and ruby as their lucky stones. They strengthen Aries personality and give them a lot of benefits. Aries can also wear some other stones like aquamarine, red coral, sapphire etc. Diamond is the birthstone of Aries. Its exquisite and elegant shape symbolizes the firmness of Aries personality. Wearing diamond protects Aries from all types of mental worries and stress. It protects them from all evils and sharpens their mind. It also increases their learning abilities and other skills. Wearing ruby increases loyalty, love and sincerity in relationships of Aries. It enhances their self-confidence. Marital life of Aries is also affected positively by wearing ruby. It has a good effect on job or career of person. Aries are competitive, ambitious and antagonistic. They like to participate in games which require physical strength and stamina. These games include soccer, ice hockey, baseball, cricket etc. The lucky day for Aries is Tuesday. They should start new projects on Tuesday as it is beneficial for them. The best job options for Aries are entrepreneur, military services, police jobs, marketing-manager and sports star etc.

Aries zodiac sign


Aries have high compatibility with Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius. These pairing mostly result in the most loyal friendships, sincerest relationships and strong bonding. 

Compatibility with Taurus

Aries and Taurus do not have a high compatibility because Aries are the people who have big dreams and ideas. They are always looking forward to something and are excited to do something new. In the case of Taurus they are sensitive people and too cautious. But both are loyal and honest people. They can spend a good time together. 

Compatibility with Gemini

Aries and Gemini have the best compatibility among all zodiac signs. Gemini are extrovert and flexible who always have new ideas. They are full of energy. While Aries are always ready to take any challenge. They want to start a new thing. Both these people motivate and encourage each other. Their pair is very energetic and dynamic. They have a sincere relationship which is also true-hearted and long lasting. 

Compatibility with Cancer

Aries can have good relationship with Cancer. Cancer are sensitive and caring people. They are sometimes extra possessive but it due to their purity and genuineness. Aries are the people who want to lead and to control relationships. Therefore Cancer can feel themselves being controlled. But still they can make a good bond. 

Compatibility with Leo

Aries and Leo are highly compatible. Aries are adventurous, fearless and daring. Leo are confident, ambitious and want to attain the attention of others. They both are fire signs. They are on the same page of a book. Their relationship is very straight-forward. They make a lovely and exciting couple.

Compatibility with Virgo

Virgo and Aries are not likely to be a good pair. There are many dissimilarities in their characters and traits. Virgo are very careful and cautious people who always think before doing anything. They take their life decisions heedfully and take responsibility of their every act. Aries are quite opposite because they are excited to do something new. They take risks in their lives. But if Aries and Virgo understand each other they can be good friends. 

Compatibility with Libra

Aries and Libra share a good bonding. They can be good friends. Their relationship is sensible and balanced which is all a healthy relationship requires. Libra are friendly and extroverts. They are very caring for their partner and tend to continue their friendship or relationship for a long time. They are also very energetic and greet people in a hail-fellow-well-met way. While Aries are very straight-forward in relationships. They need someone who has the same energy as they have. So when Libra and Aries meet a peerless bond is formed. Because both recognize attitude and views of each other.

Compatibility with Scorpio

Aries and Scorpio are not a good pair. There are numerous reasons for it. Scorpio are discreet and cautious about everything around them. They are uncommunicative and buttoned-up. They have an air of mystery around them and never tell anyone about their thoughts and sentiments. They are tolerant who give time to everything so that they can understand it better. While Aries are opposite as they have a hurrying attitude which is the major dissimilarity in the traits of Aries and Scorpio. Aries need everything to be opened up in a relationship. But Scorpio people are contrary to it. This difference can result in clashes between Aries and Scorpio. But if they try to appreciate each other’s point of view, they can have a good relationship because both are true-blue in commitments. 

Compatibility with Sagittarius

Aries and Sagittarius are among the best pairings of zodiac signs. They recognize each other’s opinions and know their optimistic, confident and sanguine views of life. Both are innovators and trailblazer. They have a lot of similar traits. They are daring and venturesome. When they pair up their friendship is beyond the limits. Though both are competitive in nature but they are a perfect match and work together for each other’s betterment and amelioration. 

Compatibility with Capricorn

Aries and Capricorn are not likely to be a good zodiac pair. Numerous reasons include dissimilarity in their communication skills. Aries are outspoken and straight-forward. They want everything clear and opened in a relationship. They expect the same from others to be expressive with them. But Capricorn are contrary to it. They are hesitant to express their feelings to someone new and want to keep their feelings hidden. Capricorn are tight-lipped which can cause clashes between them and Aries. But if Aries try to understand their nature and give them time and space to open up emotionally, they can have a good friendship.

Compatibility with Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius can have a good friendship. The main reason for this is the expressive and communicative nature of both zodiac signs. Aquarius people are optimistic, self-supporting and learned people. They know what they have to do in any situation. As a friend, they are very encouraging. They are supportive of their partner’s ambitions and goals. They value other’s thoughts and ideas. Aries are the people with big aims and objectives. When they find someone encouraging them, it makes them utmost happy. Therefore, When Aquarius and Aries meet their friendship is beyond imagination. 


Compatibility with Pisces

Aries and Pisces do not have much things in common. Therefore, their friendship is not an easy and common thing. They have trouble in connecting and understanding each other. Aries are headstrong in any situation. They are ready to cope with the unexpected. Pisces are very shy people. They are also very emotional and extremely caring for their loved ones. But their ability to deal with difficult situations isn’t that much impressive. Their emotional and shy nature makes it difficult to be a good pair with Aries. As Aries are sometimes stubborn. Their words can hurt an emotional Pisces. This situation is not suitable for a good relationship. But if Aries understand the emotional nature of Pisces and use their words wisely, they can share a good bond.


Leadership Qualities

Aries have all the qualities a leader requires and they are capable of leading people. No zodiac sign can beat this talent of leadership as Aries are the most ambitious and determined people.

Initiating new projects

Aries want to start new projects and they do so which is their best quality. They also try to initiate new ideas which are unique. 

Energetic Personality

Aries are best known for their energetic, headstrong and firm personality.

Physical Power

Aries have a lot of physical power and they can easily beat other people in any competition

Biggest Fear

Fear of Failure

Failure is the thing that scares Aries the most. That is why they do all efforts to O

Fear of Disapproval

Aries cannot bear if they are disapproved by someone. They always give their best and hope to be the superior. 



Aries are very narcissist. They admire themselves a lot. They prefer things done by their own way. Aries think that they are superior and this is their weakness.

Short Temperet

Aries are short tempered but are very good at heart. They at once start feeling sorry and regret on their anger.

Trust Issues

It is a very big problem for Aries. When they lose trust on someone, they never gain the trust again. 



Aries are sometimes stubborn. They only think about their own point of view and don’t even try to understand other’s opinion and views.

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