Another Teen ager in Lahore “Gangraped”.

The Rape cases in Pakistan are increasing with a surprising ratio. People are getting mad and lack education. There are numerous cases reported in the current year which shows that Pakistan is heading toward lawlessness.


An FIR was reported today in Lahore where an intermediate girl was raped after the kidnapping. She was attending a computer skills course in her neighborhood. On a normal day, she was leaving for her neighbors that three boys kidnapped her and took her to an unknown location.


There she got raped over gunpoint and forced to sign a paper.  The FIR is registered and accusers are missing from their locations. The investigation officer said that we are searching and soon we will arrest them.



The mean of discussion here is that don’t believe in anyone, especially in the case of daughters. The greedy rapists are roaming everywhere. Thus, protect yourself and honor. Don’t go alone until the law and law organization is not stabilized. People are not getting feared of law a suit. So be careful and protect yourself. 

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