An MBBS Doctor eating Cow’s Dung!!!!

The viral hit of tweeter today and news is eating cow dung and drinking its urine!

India is a country still living 2000 years ago in the age of technology and science. Even with modern methods of proof and cure, they believe on their religious terms without testifying them.

One of their religious terms is drinking cow urine and eating cow dung. It’s really dirty to listen then imagine how dirtier it would be to drink it or eat it.

In the recent Pandemic situation of Covid-19, their local religious people “Pandit” said that drinking cow urine would kill the Corona. Within uploading of this video, people started drinking as well as bathing in cow urine and dung.

What happened then? We all know the consequences.

Recently another video is uploaded on tweeter by an MBBS doctor that eating cow dung would never harm you. Rather it would help you improve your immune system and help you fight against diseases.

Haryana Doctor Recommends Eating Cow Dung To Pregnant Women | NewsMo -  YouTube

Moreover, he said that those who want to get purity must bathe with urine and Dung. Even he was eating the Dung in the video. Due to such a cheap act, this video got popular on the internet and many doctors denied this act and clearly said to avoid it.

An Indian senior doctor mentioned in his tweet that bathing with urine would cause severe fungus type. It would rather change into a faster spreading disease thus avoid it.

Keep in mind that there is no scientific proof of this religious term. Not even the government asked people to do this. But still, they are adopting it to their madness.

Let me know what you think about this activity in the comment section. I’m not making fun of any religion but it’s a question of common sense that how could we follow a health aspect without justifying it scientifically!



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