An American who made sexual relationship with his own sister killed her!

The cases of sexual abuse are increasing day by day. Everyone is getting intoxicated with this feeling and can target anyone.


We can simply call it the period of human destruction which would result in greater chaos. People are forgetting humanity and indulging in their animal nature.


Sex has become the center of attention for their lives. They are getting more addicted to it instead of neglecting it.


Religious and social values are no part of them and they are seriously mentally damaged.


One similar case was reported in New York, America. There a man was arrested who made a sexual relationship with his blood sister.


He was doing this for many years and living with her for a longer time. But one day something beyond thinking happened.


She called another man into her home and started doing sex with him. While his brother was sleeping. When he got to know about this thing, this animal attacked her with a baseball bat.


He hit her head with multiple shots till he died. After that police arrested him and filed a suit against him.


This news has left many people in greater shock than how it could be possible? How a brother can be involved with this relationship? Also, some are accusing women of this and some are accusing men.


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