Allergies, its types and causes behind it

Biological terms are not as tough to know as considered nowadays. For people who don’t know about the exact mean of allergy, this article could help them out.


As we all know that our body has a defense system against germs and external harmful pathogens. Whenever we eat certain food which contains harmful pathogens, our body's defense system fight these germs and kill them.


However, this process goes silently and we don’t notice any effect externally. But in the case of allergy, it goes the opposite.


Allergy is the response of our body's defense system to certain foods or elements. Suppose, if one eats fast food, his or her body may consider it as a bad pathogen and attack it to fight with it. Consequently, we face sneezing, coughing, or skin allergies.


In this case, an allergic person’s defense system gets targeted to that certain food, environment, or buds. Whenever it gets inside, their body starts reacting and they face ambiguities.


Somehow, these allergies could show you some symptoms earlier than their reaction. These symptoms could be noticed according to the type of allergy.


Some of the common allergies are;

  • Rashes

  • Sore throat

  • Itching

  • Hives

  • Eczema

  • Burning

  • Contact Dermatitis

Mostly all of these allergies are resulting in skin and this can happen when someone starts itching over the skin.


Causes of allergies

The causes behind allergies are not surely determined able. As doctors are still thinking about why someone’s body reacts to a foreign harmless substance. However, it could be genetic and transferred from parents to their children.

selective focus photography of white clustered flowers on left human hand

For instance, if someone’s parent is having an allergy, there are possible chances that one of their children gets the allergy in their body. But it is not guaranteed that allergy would be the same as in the father or mother.


Some of the common causes of allergens could be the following;


  • Drugs: some drugs like penicillin and others could become a trigger to allergy.

  • Insects sting: insects sting could also cause certain allergies. Especially wasps and mosquitoes.

  • Plants: common reasons for allergies in people living in towns could be pollens from different plants.

  • Foods: some foods like eggs, nuts, and shellfish could be allergic.

  • Some other allergens like dust, smog, smoke, and animal hair buds. It would also include latex used in gloves or condoms.

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