Adnan Sami won the Indian National Award!!

Adnan Sami is a famous Pakistani playback singer and musician. His songs like “Tera Chehra” and “Ay Khuda tune Muhabbat” become the blockbuster within a few hours of release.

He sang many songs for the Pakistan film industry and dramas. But back in 2016 he changed his nationality to Indian and shifted to Indian permanently. No one knows the actual reasons behind this act by Adnan but everyone started bullying him.

Even after relocating to India, Adnan Sami faced a lot of challenges like bullying and escaping from people. Somehow, he got settled in India but still, people don’t believe him and consider him a Pakistani agent.

Recently when the list of Pad shri national awards was released. The extremist Hindus started criticizing the government as well as Adnan Sami for nominating him.

It's a great honour for me, says Adnan Sami on getting Padma Shri | Deccan  Herald

The congress politician started conveying statements that giving awards to a Pakistani and a traitor would be dishonoring the whole of India.

But even after these clouds of hate speeches, Adnan Sami was honored with the Indian national award by the president of India. Though it was an honorable moment for Adnan not for all his fans.

In response to all the bullying and hate speeches, Adnan Sami said that he is a singer and musician. That’s why he won’t tolerate any political statements against him. Moreover, he said that we are not about to provoke people to make them extremists.

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