A women in Rawalpindi sentenced to death for “Blasphemy”

Blasphemy and religious targeting is increasing day by day. People are getting extremist due to their guiders. The logic, the evidence and finding do not matter for them.


These cases are especially higher in the ratio in Asian countries. Indian and Pakistan are more targeted for these issues. People here are more extremist toward religious issues.


They are trained and guided toward being an extremist instead of being a researcher and law followers.


Although, our government has devised laws and regulations for blasphemy and religious emotional disheartening, still people take laws in hand and become wrong doers.


In this regard, a case in Rawalpindi finally closed with a decision of hanging women to death for accusing blasphemy. His friend claimed that she posted blasphemy material on her Whatsapp and social media accounts.


He also claimed that the girl Aneeqa is bullying and passing wrong comments in prophets.  Whereas Aneeqa denied to accept these charges on her. She said she refused that guy for a relationship and he is just doing it to take revenge.


The judge of the court announced the punishment of jailing her up to 20 years and hanging till death after proving this case true.


Might be there were evidence which lead her to death after accusing this hangdog activity. Bullying someone’s religion and passing wrong comments is internationally a crime. There are high penalties and punishment over this.


But still people are accusing murders by themselves instead of letting it handled by law. Recently, a case of blasphemy reported in Sialkot where people beat a Sri Lankan manager to death.


He may or may not be accuser of blasphemy but this happened just because of wrong guiding to people about religious factors. This is why today, i would like to convey this message to all religion’s follower that never take it in hands.


Don’t be a wrong doer for personal satisfaction. Life of every individual is costly therefore if you witness some blasphemy things, always go to legal authorities and present your case there with evidence.


Also, it’s a request to the religious teachers that please teach the true values of your religion. i’m not making any judgment but I believe that every religion spreads the message of peace and love. So always be gentle toward everyone. May be that person who is doing some blasphemy have wrong concepts of your religion, you can guide them calmly and show the right path instead of killing them.

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