A whole glass found in the belly of man!

Even after the contribution of technology in medical industry, their are many incidents which makes us astounded.


We have watched and read the cases of founding different things in people belly. But all the time the reason behind them was the carelessness of doctors.


This time the story is totally changed!


A man in Indian Muzaffar pur reached hospital due to belly pain. When the doctor asked him for ultra sound. The report was totally shocking when they see that a whole glass was laying inside the belly of man.


The doctors were shocked and asked the patient about it. Now here the interesting story starts, when patient said that he was taking some sips of tea and unknowingly intake the whole glass.


Would your mind accept this thing? Surely, No. also the doctors are saying that it is impossible. As there is a smaller size food pipe in our throat and stomach. So it is impossible to consume a whole glass and it is in the same shape.


Somehow, doctor performed a surgery and bring out the glass. Now the pateint is in relief.


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